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Human Camera/Artist/Savant


Wow is all I can say.



Cool, thanks




Yea, wow. I didn't know there were any black artists out there.

J/K. That is amazing though. Savants make me think how little of our brains we use and somehow they access or turn on more of theirs. Weird.


I saw that on TV a couple of years ago.
Blows me away that he can retain that much info in such a short time, and then relate it visually with near perfect accuracy.

Makes me wonder what I could do with his gifts (although his condition may be considered a curse).

Thanks BJB!




...damn I miss home...

Unbelievable talent.


I can read minds....watch:

Pick a 14 between 1 and 20...done?

14! amiright????




Well, even though you told me to pick 14, I chose 16.

I'm a willful little bastard I guess.


AT least i tried dammit...at least I tried.


The only painting or drawing on his website where people are prominent is him and a leggy blond. Go figure.
"Me and Jennie Garth"


Hmm. You draw better than he does.


The faces--meh, but then again hes autistic or whatever.

His memory and command of proportion and even gesture (where there are people in cars and stuff) --mindblowing

What suprises me is that his style is pretty conventional. his street scenes look a lot like these Parisian street scene artists. His stuff doesn't have that Naive charm for some reason. Maybe hes that good that he transcended that but IMO it looks like he studied somewhere, which in my book, is a damn shame for a unique talent. I would like to see his childhood drawings.