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Humalog Pre/Post W/O

Anyone here have experience with the infamous insulin?

Particularly starting off/using Humalog pre/post workout?

I will probably pay for a one off consultation with a very knowledgable Brit called Jordan Peters with a diet adjustment too but obviously trying to get all the info I can… There is loads of info on the net and a good article by Shadow Pro but always good to get real life experiences shared…

I may decide agaisnt it but none the less I am looking at starting with using 5iu Humalog Pre or Post workout and only using it during my 8-12 week test only cruises. I feel like this would reap serious gains even on the lower gear phase…

If taken pre workout I would consume 10g carbs per iu through my workout with an extra drink ready if needed.

If taken post workout I have been reading 10g per iu could actualyy be a fast way to becoming a fat fuck and would actually want to taper down to 6-7g per iu.

A solid meal would also follow 45-60mins.

you listening to his new radio show? It’s really good

No I can’t say I have bud, but Im glad you know who he is… Beast. I will probably pay him for full coaching one day as he is a firm believer in push/pull/legs and higher fats, lower carbs which is the direction I am slowly going in… aswell as loving the heavy compounds which already makes up the bulk of all my sessions… just be good to have someone like thst put the final tweaks in place.