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Humalog Insulin Here I Come

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Makavali wrote:
I hope you die.

Dude, please…


bushy, I don’t believe for a second the PM he sent you is genuine. This kid is playing the entire forum for fools.

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[quote]HowieFeltercooch wrote:
at 151 pounds 5’8 how much calores do i need and should i be doing 60% protein 30% carb 10% fat[/quote]

these are questions you should be asking,

they are best answered in the beginers forum you will get alot more personalised attention in there.
but because you are asking here I will answer this question,Happily I may add.

I like to have a higher fat but I dont really count the macros out in 60/?/? everyone is different though and there is no clear cut way to add size its simply if you are not gaining then add more good food.

fish oil is a must take handfulls of fish oil I take 3-4 caps every meal

at 151 I really think you should be thinking about getting calories.
I would say 5000 cals a day is a good round number
but lift,you have to be “earning” your food or the weight gain may be fat.
dont worry about whats in it just worry about food clean of course.

eat protien with every meal
vegies with every mean
trying to gain,a glass of whole milk with every meal wouldnt hurt
carbs with the first meal and after working out carbs meaning oats,whole grains ect.
fats with every meal
fats are olive oil,fish oil,flax seed ,good healthy fats
if you feel tired,try adding more fats,or just more food.

with or without drugs,if you dont have the fuel to feed the machine you wont do any good anyways

also if you are serious,I would suggest visiting the tech support forum and asking nicely if the mods would allow you to change your name.
for obvious reasons.
if not its cool do as you like but visit the beginners forums ok?

I personally think that self defense courses are a better way of defending yourself. There’s nothing more satisfying than making a fool out of someone in public who tries to start shit with you, whether they have knives, baseball bats, crowbars, I’ve fucked em all over.

It took a while, but it was all worth it. Go to the combat forum and ask around on what you should do. Being able to just utilize proper foot work, a little of common sense, distractions, and speed can go a long way.

[quote]HowieFeltercooch wrote:
at 151 pounds 5’8 how much calores do i need and should i be doing 60% protein 30% carb 10% fat[/quote]

I believe you are young correct?

When I was 15 I was almost 6ft tall and 140lbs or so. This is when I started lifting. This was my freshman year, by the time I was a senior I was 180lbs, strong and shredded. If your in your teens all you have to do is eat, eat, eat some more and train really hard. At that age I put 25lbs on in one summer! You can do it too… if you work hard in the gym, learn some proper techniques, and slam your face with food.

I have been natural up and til about a week ago. The pic in my avatar is me this past july.

I’m glad you are asking questions like this because you can get help and results this way. Using drugs is not the smart thing to do in your situation.

Muscles wont play as big of a role in intimidation as you might think. I am a fairly calm and friendly person now, but a few years in high school I wasn’t. People were more intimidated by me in high school than by me now and I’m a good 30lbs heavier than when I was in high school.

I’m not saying develop a bad attitude or try and intimidate people, but often your attitude and swagger can get you further than just having big muscles.

I also agree with finding a martial arts class around you. Nothing better than seeing some bully get his ass wipped by somebody smaller than himself ;D

Train hard and you will be fine.


Dude, if you wanna get big, just do some proper roids. It’ll harm you less than insulin would.