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Hulu... Your Thoughts?


I saw an advertisement for something new called HULU, which boasts that you can watch your favorite shows, anytime, for free. If anyone uses this please share your thoughts and experiences.



Hulu is great. As long as you watch within a few weeks of the show's original air date, you won't miss any episodes. Certain shows they don't have the entire season on there, like 24.


Hulu is legit. For current shows they usually only have the last five episodes, but there are a ton of off-the-air shows on the site as well. They also have some movies.

EDIT: I think Hulu is maintained by NBC. I could be wrong though.


Hulu rocks. If you miss an episode of 24, you can watch it the next day on Hulu. Whats really extra cool is that you can skip to the ending if you want and it wont take like 80 years to load.


yeah... its awesome.

ABC just hopped on it as well.


Hulu is actually very legit, and TV on the internet is going to follow this formula from now on. http://www.southparkstudios.com/ is very similar in it's approach.

Since these websites all actually advertise with commercials, it's perfectly legal, and a good number of tv shows on Hulu have entire series posted. Not only do they post new shows, but high quality shows at that. I really like the idea and discovered the show 'It's always sunny in Philadelphia' on Hulu, and had every show at my disposal from day 1.


Hulu is the tits.

Discovered and then watched the entire series of Arrested Development on Hulu.


Thanx everyone for your input, truly appreciate it.


Yup it's awesome. I watch Family Guy, The Office, and Legend of The seeker on there every time there are new episodes. Save's me 9 minutes of commercials...


HULU has stolen at least 2 weeks of my life from me...be careful


Hulu is big fat oprah tits, the video quality is supreme. I watch Rescue Me on it.


I don't have TV service. I have internet for Hulu. And work. Mostly Hulu.

What's not on there, IS on tvshack.net


Sweet site! I've been watching a lot of the instant view stuff on netflix, not many new movies but tons of older ones plus lots of tv series.


Rescue me FTW!

Hulu FTW

Tits FTW (This is obvious)


So does Hulu work through your TV or computer? I mean, are you watching your shows and movies on your computer or TV? Are there still commercials?


What they said.


Boy, you're just getting lazy with the posts. You must be watching Hulu.



There are commercials, but only a few (like two or three that interrupt your show). Not nearly as annoying as commercial TV.



Commercial is over now.


I watch very little TV but Arrested Development was one of the very few series I followed diligently. Great stuff.