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would any of you sacrifice being green for having a body like the hulk? i know i would. p.s. movie was so-so.


You could always just bleach your skin like michael jackson :wink:


Four stars out of five!

 Fuck no. I still wanna get laid (Its hard enough being a wee TOO big, I dont need my skin green).

 My ideal body isnt a 265 lb ripped bodybuilder. No, it's a 210 lb lean and mean physique - I dont want anything more than 210 lbs, contrary to what people like Conan might want everybody to...want.


Movie sucked.


nah, it's too much. I'd be much more interested in being about 190-210 and extremely strong and lean.

As for the movie, i give 4.5 stars of 5.

The Hulk as the mis-understood character, im-measurably strong and stronger the madder he gets, sometime hatred of puny humans who won't just leave him alone, and tragedy of the Hulk as his own being trapped inside Banner.

In that sense, they stayed totally true to the character, which is what it's all about.

Now if the corporate scumbags at Marvel would just give Stan Lee his due, it'd be a happy story.


I thought the ferrigno cameo was very cool. The guy is still a human monster.


i was sorta joking... the hulk isnt 265 either hes prob in the 1000's? He's huge in the new movie.