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Hulk Mad!



He always seemed like a nice guy...


Shit happens!


Lou is doing what anyone would do under the same circumstances. What the article does not tell you is that Lou had probably spoken to his brother several times and told him to knock it off.

Money will separate the best of friends and the closest of relatives.


Hey, the only reason this is an issue is because there are no other people with that last name that we've all heard of.

If his name was Smith, nobody would make any assumptions about Smith's Gym. I question whether you can own a family name like that...

I think Lou should let his family make a living -- as long as they don't claim Lou is involved when he isn't.


If you read the article, Andy Ferrigno has had a business with that name since 1980. In fact, he ran it with he and Lou's father for 15 years. Lou's being a prick.


I agree with this. Unless my last name is "Gold" and I form a gym named "Gold's Gym" which is copyrighted, you can't make a claim that no one should ever use the name "Gold" in any other form of business...like "Gold's Flower Delivery".

One is copyright infringement. The other isn't. Everyone in Ferrigno's family could start a business with "Ferrigno" in the title and it shouldn't be an issue as long as Lou's image isn't being promoted.


They must not have gotten along very well growing up.


I would be a prick also. The difference is my brother would not do that with out a big cut to me. Andy is misrepresenting himself as Lou. He could call it Ferrigno fitness but bringing the hulk into is were it is wrong


Exactly! He knows what he's doing and it's treading on the famous name of his brother.


He didn't bring the Hulk into it. There is a fine line to walk legally, but making your awning green isn't the same as putting the Hulk outside. He may very well be hinting at the Hulk by the use of that color, but it won't stand up in court.

I personally would never judge a man by any war he might be having with his siblings. None of us here have any clue what a real asshole Lou's brother might be. I do know that once large sums of money are introduced, family ties either get stronger or significantly weaker. It is usually about that time that you suddenly find out you have 50 brand new lost cousins that you never knew before.


As far as using the color green, who gives a shit? Most business awnings I've ever seen are green. Lou doesn't own the fucking color green. In fact, Lou doesn't own the rights to the Hulk either. However, if he doesn't want his photos on the wall, Andy should take them down.


Exactly. You never know what happens/happened within the walls of another family's home. It's always 1000 times more complicated than it first appears.


Isnt Lou sworn in as a Sherrif now or something? If his bro crosses the line he can bust his ass!!


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