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Hugh Jackman's Favorite Exercise


So this morning I'm listening to the radio and the morning show has Hugh Jackman on. One of the guys (who I swear is gay) is talking about how good looking he (Jackman) is and all that jazz, but then he asked him the million dollar question...What's the one exercise that you feel like you HAVE to do every week?? "Squats" he said. I hollared in my car, YEAH! which then got me a weird look from my wife.

Then he started talking about all the guys in the gym that never work legs, and how great squats are for you. It was awesome. Then the DJ's said "let's go do some squats right now!"

Just thought I'd share that with everyone.



I bet no one on that radio station knows what a Squat is.


He must be doing them wrong...lol. But,having those long ass legs doesn't help.


Epic. Hopefully we can got more celebrities behind his endorsement! Coupling this with today's article on squatting, its a good day for squats.

PS Big_Boss nice Apocalypse avatar.


haha nice, that guys awesome, and looks awesome, well in the movie anyhow.. ugly fucking wife but.


Eh...I'd hit it.


The wife, I mean.




Skaz05, your avatar is like something from a really bad nightmare.

No offense..


I'd hit both, simultaneously...

With my C.O.C.


squats and milk, nuff said.


X2, I fucking hate it.The full length video is even worse its worthy of inducing nightmares.


Finally a celebrity that knows what the fuck is up.


oh? whats the pig from anyway?


Mmmmm...warm fuzzy feeling...


"Le Cochon Danseur" - a very old and very disturbing bit of French Vaudeville.


Who are those girls in your avatar? I've seen that before, but I'm not as handy at finding hot chick's identitties online as some of you are.

Back to the OP, I always though Jackman was cool, but this made him a little cooler.


I had it in my mind that Jackman tends to lose most of that X-men muscle in between films..



The Last Stand.


I see what you did there.