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Hugh Jackman DLs 400lbs


Where dem chicken legs now?!?!


With a 400lbs deadlift the chicken legs are still there...




I don't get it, he was wearing pants.


How is this even impressive? I can almost deadlift that much and my physique is pitiful at the moment.


I thought he was deadlifting around 400lbs the last time people were talking about his deadlift.


I thought it was 465


I think it was like 440 from what I recall since he was using what looked like a woman's bar.


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Pretty sure it was this one.


The chicken legs are present just as they are for quite a number of "deadlift masters" a la Jackman.


Hugh Jackman is an incredible man and I mean no disrespect, but I'm pretty sure even Charles Xavier had bigger legs


Why would he work out his legs when most actors only work out the show me muscles. Wolverine is always wearing jeans.


Hugh Jackman's cool


I have a confession to make.

When that Hugh Jackman toe shoe deadlift picture came out I didn't know what a deadlift was. I had just started the process of getting in shape and was monkeying around with dumbbells. No real routine at all.

I thought he looked bad as fuck and decided that I wanted to pick heavy stuff up too. I started learning about deadlifts, which led me to learn about lifting with compounds in general, and I've been at it for a year now. I love it.

And I lift in vibrams.

Thanks, Hugh Jackman. Glad to see he's pulling 400 now.


Last time this came around there were suspicions that this picture was shopped. I tend to agree. It's actually quite difficult to get your upper arms to be that much bigger than your thighs. I don't expect him to have body builder legs, but deadlifting 400+ is going to leave you with some hamstring mass and that picture has essentially no leg mass.


Am I the only one not so impressed with a 400 Lb DL? I mean, I did that shit in high school... And everyone else on the football team could too... I don't think something that an average high school athlete can achieve is a big deal for a grown man with access to personal chefs, personal trainers and who's been making a living by his physique for the past ten years... 400 Lbs? Whoopty fucking doo...


Stop bashing my deadlift hero. He has leg mass. He's the goddamn Wolverine.

Seriously though, 400 is totally believable. He's like 6'2" or something like that. 400 is not that much.

Oh Hugh, I know you have 495 in you. I believe in you!


Come on guys; no need to shit on someone deadlifting. He did 400 for 4 or 5 reps, that's really not bad even if it was touch and go. I'm happy to see anyone deadlifting. It makes us look like bitter elitists to harp on how average it is in "our community".

Lol no. It's incredibly common to get a 400+ pull with virtually no leg mass. Happens all the time.

This doesn't change your point at all, but let me assure you that times have changed. I train at a gym with a massive number of high school athletes from around the county. Even amongst football players I almost never see one of them pulling 4 plates. I don't know how different it was back in the day, but they're weak now.