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Hugh Jackman 'Bulking' for X-Men


Apparently the new director wants him bigger..


In case the link above doesn't work (preview is weird looking), copy & paste

this: blog.movies.yahoo.com/blog/546-why-hugh-jackman-eats-6-000-calories-a-day"


"If I have a massive heart attack..." {sigh}


Well he is 42.

Maybe not heart attacks but how healthy could bulking at such a late age be?


They should cut his legs off at the knee and make him say "..eh" at the end of sentences to get him even more into the part.


Bout time someone brought that to Hollywood's attention...


a 210 lb guy should not need 6,000 calories a day to gain weight lol.


I'm pretty confident that 'Real Steel' is the worst movie of all time, and it hasn't even been released yet.


The comments are even worse.


Considering he won't be going over 10% BF, you'd have a hard time convincing me it's unhealthy.




I'll keep you informed. If I stop posting you will know it went terribly wrong.


These comments:

Are retarded.

It would seem that the constant cycle of skinny ass super heroes is gradually coming to an end.


? To 220 or gasp 230? He was 190lbs in the last movie at OVER 6 feet tall. Guess what, most guys as tall as he is already weigh what he is trying to get up to. The only reason he looked muscular at all in the last film is because of the camera angles and lighting. No one with the stats he had would look big to you if they stood in front of you.


lol at butthurt.

You have to admit huge weight swings do take a toll on your body regardless of age.

Especially for the white man whose penis has been known to stop working after the age of 40 (see black history thread)


I thought he was heavier


Yeah, I am sure most people who don't understand how much "movie magic" plays into how these guys look thought so too. People who have been that size and bigger know the difference. He was skinny in the last movie but very defined. If he wasn't flexing in every single shot with his shirt off and just stood relaxed with no enhanced lighting, he would look like an average guy who goes to the gym 3 times a week or less.

190 at his height is skinny, even if he was in contest shape.


Seems like he said this a little sarcastically. The leading question could have been something like "aren't you worried that eating all those calories will damage your health?"

Hugh Jackman is a decent wolverine despite being 6'3", and directors/producers/whoever have done much worse in the past portraying super heroes. I really hated what they did with Juggernaut. He didn't even look very big and his muscles were fake as anything. Now compare that to the cartoon; the imagery of tiny wolvie jumping on a massive juggernaut's back to rip his helmet off was awesome, and that's completely missing from the movie. Actually that imagery was missing from the wolverine/sabretooth fight in origins as well. I guess I would like to see wolverine as more the bulldog-type character that he is.


this comment on the page made me lol

"Just have Jackman do it the American way, give him steroids"


I'm guessing his heart attack comment was a joke. People gots to lighten up.


Has it really taken this long to figure that out? Jackman, although a decent actor, was only cast in the first place because of that love triangle between Logan, Cyclops and Jean Grey in the original X-Men (and he wasn't even the first choice: that was Dougray Scott, who had to drop out because Mission Impossible: II ran over schedule).

A true-to-the-comic Wolverine wouldn't work because Jean Grey was unlikely to fall for a hirsute forest man half her height. That's why he morphed into a more conventional leading man type embodied by Jackman.

If Darren Aronofsky is really that committed to getting Wolverine right, they need to start from scratch (pun intended)...but that's not going to happen, because most of the movie-going public now see Wolverine as a watered-down romantic lead. All for the sake of cramming in an unnecessary romantic sub-plot.

Thank you Hollywood.