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Hugh Jackman and Prep for Wolverine


A small snippet on his working out for the role. I liked the fact that he said that he worked out for over a year to get into the kind of shape he wanted before shooting the film. Hugh Jackman has always been nominally in good shape. Certainly good for Hollywood and the average person and probably (unfortunately) buffer than most that post on the bodybuilding forum these days. Still not huuge, though he's definitely ripped and I'm excited for the movie. I loved the other Xmen films, though admittedly am not a huge follower of the comic.



if he's more jacked than most the people posting on the bodybuilding board im going to stop posting here.


excited for the movie? you know it's available online. Pretty good too


Props to him. He put the time in and looks good in the movie.


bye ?


my favorite part of the article.

The product of his work is evident on screen -- and at home.

"At first [my wife] was like, 'Hugh, this is ridiculous, look at you,'" he said.

"'I don't know who you are -- now get into bed,'" he continued, laughing.


Lies... live won't stop his post count at 7805... in counting

I like the fact that Hugh endorses SQUATS!!!


You have visited "Rate my Physique" at least once, haven't you?


Anyone got a link for Wolverine online?


He's more jacked than you.

Feel free to stop posting.


theyre all double posts


Who's the really huge jacked guy that punches the tank?


3rd picture:

"Coming off "The Machinist," where he lost 63 pounds for a part, Christian Bale gained 100 pounds of muscle to play the Caped Crusader in "Batman Begins.'"

I like Christian Bale and I can't WAIT for T4, but 100lbs of muscle, come on...


have you not seen the pictures from The Machinist ?



That's pretty old news to anyone that's followed Bale, Batman (movies), or these forums for any length of time.


I believe that's supposed to be Blob.





Exhibit A: Christian Bale in "The Machinist"

His prep diet was an apple and a can of tuna per day.

Exhibit B: Chrisian Bale in "Batman Begins"

Any questions?


WOW. I humbly stand corrected.
That is insane.
I admire his dedication but damn, that can't be healthy.


He doesn't look any bigger than before. Just leaner. If he worked out for 1.5hr every day for a year, he wasted his time.