Huge Weight Increase, 15lbs in 10 Days

I started Low T therapy, and put on 15 Lbs in 8 days.
Dr put me on 1 cc Test Syp., 1 Sermorelin every other day, and 10 units GHRP6 3 times daily,
I am 5" 10’ and was 210 Lbs 14-15% BF,
I feel like i’ve filled out quite a bit, don’t really think its fat, thought it was water weight at first but i’ve always been able to just do a extended amount of cardio and loose any water weight. BUT i have been killing the cardio trying to cut this weight and it wont go!!!

MY goal was 218# and 12% BF
Does any one have any ideas about this cause i don’t want to get any heavier

I hit my Goals on food just about everyday
286 grams Carbs and Protein
64 grams of Fat

How does your e2 look?

This is a drastic amount of weight. Seems like it may be water weight. Check E2 like hostile said, as high estrogen will cause water retention.

15lbs in 8 days … hell that sounds bad. Do you feel strong? The cardio felt good? I ask because that amount of water weight never means anything good. It is water weight, nothing else happens that fast. That much water that fast is no good

OK, so how i check my E2 and yes 15 pounds maybe drastic my weight bounces between 210-215 and if i was heavy when i started may not be that bad. 223 at night after my workout today, one thing i did wrong Dr told me for the first week take the anti estrogen every day but i forgot missed 3 days but i took it for 5 straight now im on it every other day (Sermorelin) but i definitely feel PUFFY and i don’t like it

It is good that you know what is causing it. Because a lot of the things that cause that much water weight build up that fast means that one organ or another is failing.

Sermorelin is not an anti-E. Its a peptide meant to increase HGH. Don’t get those confused. You need arimadex as an anti E. Typically its only available in 1mg tablets unless you are using a compounding pharmacy. You will want to split the 1mg and take it half on injection day and the other half a few days later.

That explains your elevated E and the weight gain.

1 cc test syp

You mean 1cc/1ml 200mg/ml testosterone cypionate?
That is 200mg per week. Twice what is commonly known to work well. Many on 200mg have a hard time getting things balanced.

All meds in mg’s or iu’s please. Not volumes as meds can be different strengths.

That is a huge dose to not be using an aromatase inhibitor to modulate T–>E2

It appears that your doc really lacks a proper understanding of these things.

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GHRP6 has a reputation for creating hunger.

Post your pre-TRT lab work, including IGF-1

Labs to do now:
prolactin - one time
PSA if >50
FSH one time if <40 to screen for cancer, should be FSH=0