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Huge Trap Imbalance, Need Help

-Hello guys so about a month ago i discovered that i had one trap largely bigger than the other i ve been training for about a year now and haven t been doing any isolation work for the traps like shrugs .
-The one thing i can think off that can cause this imbalance is carriying my school bag always on the right side (the smaller side for years.
-I tried doing some db shrugs to fix it but it seems that only the bigger trap is growing because it gets a better contraction so i was hoping if anyone can advise me about what to do

It’s fine, don’t worry about it

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-well in terms of looks i don t care about it but the problem is it causes an unstable base in any pressing motion because when i retract my scapula one side touches the bench while there is a smal void in the other side of my back so the bar path becomes fucked my right shoulder hurts etc …i even have the left pec bigger than the right because of this