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Huge Training Volume While on Bulk


Hello everyone
At the moment I’m cutting and it’s going pretty well.I’m down 12-15 pounds(I don’t know the exact number cause I just bought a scale at home),abs are getting visible,waist is down a bit above 2 inches,arms are the same size ect and I’m getting stronger.I’ll keep cutting for 5 weeks more and then I’ll either continue for 2-4 more weeks or maintain depending on how lean I am
So when I’ll decide to enter a calorie surplus I’ll be pretty lean.I was going through Leeman’s logs and I notice he did HUGE amounts of volume
So something I thought was doing an accumulation block of 6-7 weeks where after my main movement accessories would be for 10 sets of 10-20 reps followed by a 3-4 week intensification where I’d cut back to 5 sets of 10-20.While doing that I’d be on a very big calorie surplus(4500-5000 calories)
For example a max effort upper would look like this
Max effort movement
1-2 main accessories for 1 set(board press for example and barbell row)
Triceps and back(supersetted maybe,like pushdowns ss with pulldowns) for 10 x 10-20
Biceps and delts (supersetted maybe,like hammer curls ss with side laterals) for 5 - 10 x 10 - 20

Would doing something like this for around 10 weeks(6-7 weeks acc,3-4 int) help me put on some size and strength faster or just give me normal progress and make me fat?


100% chance you’ll get fat. Don’t go into an insane caloric surplus unless you’re ok with being a fat ass. Also, I wouldn’t ever copy George Leeman’s work. There are very few humans who can handle the kind of work capacity he does, and truly benefit from it. He’s an exception. He also takes a boat load of drugs. I’m guessing you don’t.

Now that being said, I suppose if it’s only for 10 weeks, it might be worth a try to see how YOU respond to the training. I just wouldn’t eat as much as you’re suggesting.

And as a side note, unless you are a competitive powerlifter who competes in singly ply or multiply divisions, the board press is completely, utterly, useless. There is no reason to board press, ever, outside of these specific circumstances.


Thanks for the response

George used to do insane volume even as a natty.Now as far as work capacity goes yeah you’re right

As for the board press,I just made an 1.5 inch board.I haven’t given it time yet but such a low board could benefit even a raw powerlifter imo.Time will show


George was using steroids as a teenager. I’m not sure when you’re talking about that he was natty.

You can try the board pressing, but every single 500+ lbs bench presser I have met will say that board pressing is useless. I’ve never met a strong presser who would recommend it.


I thought he started using them at 19 or so,while he was cutting or after

As for the board press I’ll give it some time and see.But yeah you’re right it’s not a popular exercise among the raw benchers


Any particular reason you want to bulk? I feel like that’s just going to put you in a higher and less competitive weight class. Why not just slowly add muscle as needed to increase your lifts?


At the moment I don’t care about competing.I just want to be big and strong.Although I’ll definitely compete on the long run

So I thought that it might help me get stronger and bigger a bit faster