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Huge Thanks to Dayoff


I thought that I would make a new post for this. Dayoff, man thanks a ton for that training log.
Today I tried to break the 16 year old world record bench at 330 pounds. I skipped 330 and went for 335 to break the record, just bearly missed it. But if it wasn't for Dayoff's programm i would not have come even close. Again thanks a TON man, I plan on trying again on monday see if it is any different, but I doubt it.


Wait... the records only 330 for 16 year olds?


Damn wish I was going after world records when I was 16, I commend you for trying.


haha thanks. And I know for sure that 1 or 2 federations is, Ive looked on every site I could for raw bench and that is the highest I found. Found 468 but IDC how long a person has been training, a 16 year old cannot do that raw. So yea Troy Kay has it at 330 right now, and if it was not my birthday tomorrow i would try again on monday.


It took me all of 30 seconds to find this video... sorry to burst your bubble, but yes, it's plausible that a 16 year old benched 468. I get the feeling you live in a small town.


Or do you mean for a particular weight class? That would be relevant.


Yea, I hoped he meant for a particular weight class, cause 330 sounds light for all classes, worldwide. Thing is, you gotta consider all the freakshows who are like 330lb at 16yo just to start, not to mention those genetically gifted with amazing leverages. Not only possible but entirely plausible that a 16yo hit 400+.

But, Umbrata, you should be extremely proud man, regardless. You bench more than 99%+ of grown men ever will and at the age of 16. Absolutely bad ass.


For sure, he should definitely be proud. To even approach a record in any federation is a hell of an accomplishment.


How much do you weigh?


Sorry guys I was off the internet for a while. And, flip I've seen every single video that deals with my age group and lifting. The only offical lift i could find raw was 330. Believe me I took months to track down the record. Also i looked into it more and that 468 was double ply. bhssophmore when i did the lift i weight 260, not sure now im taking a break off lifting for a week breaking my diet and relaxing a ton. So ill come out prolly at like 255, and weaker.


Also another thing that i saw was most of the kids that set the world records where lifting for 3 4 years. I'm a year and a half into it right now. I just have awsome genetics, and decided i wanted to powerlift early on, something like 4 months into my training I wanted to be known for something. Also since I don't have this record im going for 17 year old squat and bench.


It's almost as if you just saw the 345x8 video above and ignored it? Similar to when I told you more than a month ago there were raw lifts well above 330 at 16 years old.

And here's another one, not pretty but over 400:

This took the cake, though.


didn't Bridges bench 380lbs weighing 148 when he was 17 (back in those days when you paused the judges would go out and grab a coffee and be back in time)

at the time who would have guessed what we had coming


Once again this isn't official, I'm not denting the fact that there are a few kids that can bench more weight. Its like saying hey I broke Eric's 722 bench in training. That bench is official but mine isn't. This doesn't mean that some where Scot or Nick winters or some other freak has benched more in training, but I would have been able to say I broke a 16 year old bench record. If you see what im saying.


16 year old benching well over 300 and you don't think he has good genetics?

How the hell much were you benching at that age?


Powerlifting is a tiny niche sport, and at age 16, most strong kids aren't going to register an 'official' number, because they're simply not going to compete. They're competing in more mainstream sports. Again, you're really really strong for your age. But in my opinion, for whatever it's worth, chasing the 330 record doesn't hold much gravitas when it takes me 30 seconds to find a video of a 16 year old getting 8 reps with more weight. I would be willing to bet that nearly every offensive lineman currently in the NFL could bench 330 at age 16.

Regardless, congratulations again. You're very strong. Just keep your eye on bigger pictures, and that strength could end up really meaning something.


Wut? So, the other guys' numbers don't matter cause it was just in training, but your # will matter, even though its just in training, too? That is bizzare, self-serving rationalization.

You don't need to be the absolute best at something to be proud of an accomplishment. This is a fallacy that is driven into your teenage head by Nike, et al. Like I said above, you should be very proud because you are incredibly strong and will only get stronger as you get old.

But a little humility can go a long way. Work hard, and there's a good chance you'll break meaningful records like Flipcollar alluded to.


Isn't Sp4rtee on this site like 19 with a 400lbs+ bench?


Thanks man for having my back and thanks for the support guys. means alot.


If i sounded cocky, I didn't mean to I know that there are kids stronger than mean, and I'm a dumb peice of shit when it comes down to it, Ive gotten to where I am due to over training and improper bench for for a long time. That is what I ment to say. Also I don't really care about breaking records because I have no way to make them offical, no federations are close by so I just train to be as strong as I can, its just hella nice to say I've broken some record somewhere.