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Huge, Swole, Need to Get Sharp

I just did 12w cycle test enan. (500 pw), dbol (50mg pd). Im huge and strong now, but swolen. I need advice for next cycle, something to make me hard, sharp - I will take right diet for that, just need some advice about certain roids which will help my diet and make me harder. Thanks!

You are looking for shortcuts to your shortcuts. Research it, then ask questions about what you find. Don’t expect to be spoon fed.


eat better.


This IS part of research, man. Just tell me what do you think, this is just on of my sources. I have book about roids and other sources, Im just asking what do YOU think…

I THINK you should go read your books, make an educated/informed plan then ask people what their opinion of your plan is. I would never tell someone I dont know to go take this drug, at this dose, for this amount of time. I don’t know one thing about you.

dude. you’re telling us you got fat. The answer is simple, eat better. That’s it. You get ‘harder’ by having less fat. Water retention is an overrated concept. I mostly just run dbol and test, and you can see from my physique that I can keep a ‘hard, sharp’ look doing that.


This is exactly what I got out of it

what body percentage of fat would you guys consider fat

Did you do dbol for 12 weeks straight?

I took dbol for 8 first weeks.

I understand what you are telling me guys. I really dont do pizza and pie diet, Im trying to take amount of proteins, carbs and fats as much as it is prescribed by people who knows about nutrition, pros and nutritions. Im and horrible endomorph, partly mesomorph. To gain muscles, I have to gain some fat, thats my body, its not intentional. If I take less carbs, I am weak in the gym. Guy above asked me why I do not do research. I did , and Im not sure what is the best combination to take with test enan. to make my body harder. Winstrol injection, ECA stack to help fat loss…Im just not sure. Dont be angry to me, Im just asking, because even if I read a lot, I still need your advices, if it is not problem for you. If I dont respect your opinion, I wouldnt ask… By the way, my present diet is like this:

  • 5 whole eggs with 50g of black bread
  • cup of whey with 50g of black bread
  • 100g of oatmeal
  • cup of whey with 50g of dextrose
  • 200g of chicken breasts with 100g of rise
  • 200g of beef stake with an aplle
  • cup of whey
  • cup of casein

Sorry if I bother you, every information is valuable for me. Thanks.

What is your body weight and ~bf% and height? What is the macro breakdown of that diet?

Not sure what black bread is but it sounds delicious. If it is super delicious maybe you should substitute it for something else LOL

Unless you are using insulin get rid of the dextrose. That is just 50g of sugar and 200 easy calories to drop. Post workout carbs are a myth unless you train several times a day or use insulin.

Personally I do better on whole foods for performance and cutting so I would prefer lean meats instead of different protein shakes but not a huge deal either.

As for your cycle get that diet locked down first then add AAS. You can not out train or cycle a bad diet.

Good roids to add will depend on your cycle history but always a test base. Then Winstrol or Anavar is a great beginner cutting cycle. EQ or Masteron as well.

This is a terrible diet. Just utterly terrible. Have you heard about the hottest new trend in nutrition? It’s called “eat real goddamn food”. You have four servings of a protein supplement per day. Four. That’s more than many guys have in a week. Minus the meats and eggs, your diet is carbs and sugar. No wonder you got fatter, my dude. It’s not because you’re an endomorph, it’s because you’re a carbomorph. Seriously, how much sugar (or sugar substitute) is in each scoop of those protein powders? Are you familiar with green vegetables? Have you considered that you don’t need to eat bread, oatmeal, and rice all in one day? That rice could be broccoli or cauliflower instead. Or a salad.

Anyway, your diet is garbage, which is why your results are not to your liking. Garbage in = garbage out.




what body percentage of fat would you guys consider fat

Its relative to a certain point. Altho anything above 20% is too much IMO.

Personally i have to stay below 18% due to where I hold fat. With proper training and diet I don’t see why anyone should climb above 16-18 even on a bulk

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I’m guessing you hold fat in the stomach like most men? Yeah, I have to stay below 18% as well but it’s not as easy as you make it seem for some people.

My biggest issue is overeating. I can crush an entire chicken or pizza with ease. I don’t like to eat a lot throughout the day, especially in the morning, even though that’s what my body responds better to for weight control.

So, a lot of times I end up getting home from the gym and going nuts because of how restrictive I’ve been the rest of the day. It’s a hard habit to break.

Oh, and bread is my goddamn nemesis. I love me a sandwich. I once spiraled a loaf of fresh Italian bread out the window when someone brought me some. I know that bread will lead into a footlong sub x2 later in the day lol

And you’re also forgetting the problem of drinking. Even gym bros tend to drink a lot. I went 10 years drinking heavy as hell. It was impossible to maintain a solid physique like that despite recreational sports, and lifting 4 days a week.

:frowning: Im fat

Exactly I hover around 18% during the winter when I do my bulking then trim down to low teens im during summer.

As far as my diet when I’m not bulking I eat all thru out the day protein in the morning then gym followed by my post workout meal of kids cereal protein shake lol with something light mid day then I go heavy for dinner usually a lot of lean protein and complex carbs I have to feel full in order to go to sleep or il wake up at 3 am and destroy my wifes box of donuts or whatever other snacks she currently has sitting around. I eat the same shit daily when trimming or watching my weight. The food is super boring eggs, Oats, chicken, turkey, tuna, and sandwiches and lots of chicken and brown rice meals. Maybe once a week il have a cheat meal and eat out with my wife. I find when I’m on a strict diet I lose interest in food so I literally only eat to fuel my body and that’s it.

Thankfully I’m not a big drinker. It takes my body a full day to recover and it doesn’t seem worth it to me. I might drink once every couple months maybe a bit more during football season but if I’m on a serious blast with a goal in mind it’s an absolute no no.