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Huge PR on 1+, What Do I Do?


So today was week 3 of my second 5/3/1 cycle (month). I was gonna do Bench Press with 85 kg (185 lbs?) for the last set, being 1+ reps. Anticipated around 5, maybe grind out the 6th if I feel like it. To my and my spotter’s surprise, I did 13 reps.
Enough boasting of beginner numbers though, here’s the issue. I follow a 5/3/1 Spreadsheet, which periodically increases the lifts by a set weight every cycle/month. However, if I plop the weight*reps into the 1RM calc, my 1RM shoots up by 60+ lbs. I know that the 1RM calculators get inaccurate with higher reps but still, I can imagine doing the next round with 225 lbs on week 2 (3x3), possibly fail miserably. Should I bump up the weight (by how much) or should I stick to the current plan, which will have me do 225 lbs in like 3 months.


Increase the TMs by the prescribed amounts. Don’t shoot them way up cuz you hit some PRs



I second this. I had the same thing with my deadlift TM. I changed the TM and wished I hadn’t. It’ll stop soon.


Increase your TM by the set amount for long-term progress.

Set your TM to a higher amount if you want to hit a wall and burn out.


Jim has been answering this for almost a decade, maybe more. ONLY raise the training max by the prescribed amount and NO more. EVER.
So stick to the plan. You were only expecting a little bit of strength increase and instead you gained a lot! This means that whatever you have been doing has worked really well. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot when you are winning.

Also if you have not, I would recommend buying the 5/3/1 2nd edition, and then the 5/3/1 Forever books. Learning the philosophy and the intricacies of the program will help you in the long run.

edit: and congrats on an awesome PR!


If you got such a good PR, obviously it’s working, so why would you want to change something thats already working well? I was in your position, so i changed my TM, and i really regret it. And that was 6 months ago.


If you were taking Calculus 1 and got an A on one of the exams, would you ask to be placed in Calculus 3? How do you think that would work out?

Stick to the program and focus on kicking butt over the long-term.


So, when you followed the program exactly as prescribed, you ended up hitting a massive PR. Why would you want to start changing the program when it’s working so well?


Dude where have you been?? You had probably the best 531 log and transformation I’ve ever seen, then you just left us.


I’m still training, but not logging as much. Spending most of my internet time on Wendler’s private forum.

Thanks for checking in. I’ll update my log here soon!


These answers made me very, very happy!

Thanks for the help (all of you who answered).


What do you do? I know what I would do… I’d pat myself on the back for a great PR then treat myself to a massage from LingLing down at the nail salon, unless they’re closed again for “remodeling”, sure looks the same after all these remodels though. lol

Now stick to the plan and fight another day! Good job mang.