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Huge Overhanged Stomach

I have a question about overhanged stomachs. A huge majority of my fat is in my stomach area. I am 180 and my stomach makes me look as though I have 220. I am 5’9.

Now, I recently hit a plateau because I just get discouraged that my stomach is not going to ‘push in’ anymore. What I mean is, everytime I think about it I always get down because I have lost nearly 60 pounds total now and my stomach hasn’t shrunk an inch. My love handles have gone away, my face has gotten thinner, I can see veins poke out in my arms, and have reasonable definition and can see my muscles now, but I still have a stomach that ‘droops down’. I have to hold my stomach in all day to look normal.

I wanted to know that if I continue to lose bodyfat, my stomach will lose this ‘droop down’ effect. I hope it won’t require surgery or anything because I don’t have the money for that.

I just want to know if this is something to worry about or go to a doctor about. I’m not exaggerating when I say I have lost a tremendous amount of visible fat from other areas of my body.

Thanks for your help.

While I haven’t had this issue, I have had several friends who grew huge stomachs for pregnancy, had the tummy pooch afterwards, and lost the pooch after staying lean for a significant period of time. It took a period of leanness for the body to tighten up the tummy slack, although this didn’t happen with all of them.

Get lean, stay lean, and then decide what to do with what you have.

I just want to make sure I understand your main question:

Actually, I understand what you are asking, but I am not quite sure you do.

Hold the line, stay with me, lose the weight.

Congratulations on your success so far, let’s finish it.

It will likely be the last place on your body to lose fat. Just keep going.

belly fat is indeed one of the last to go,just relax keep at it and you will get there.

Congrats on coming this far.

Remember that the first place you gain fat is the last one you lose it. Now you’ve got rid of the other fat you’ll be trimming the gut.

Unless you’ve been monstrously fat in the past and have extra skin or something you won’t need surgery.

Stay the course and you’ll be fine.