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Huge Legal Question


story time guys,

last weekend I got my house broken into by my ex and was assaulted, I ran out of the house because the bish is crazy and will literally kill me. I called the cops when i was down the street and they showed up in about 5 minutes or so, and I walked up to the cops and told them what was going on, about a minute later my ex walks out yelling and throws syringes and a bottle of gear on the ground.

I told them it wasn't mine and they tried to get me to confess, but I started asking them "why are they trying to accuse me of steroids when you guys are here for a domestic disturbance call" and they left me alone, but took the gear as "evidence". my question is what is the probability that they will bring up that bottle of test on my ex in court? She was just charged with a bodily injury IDK what they did with the test.



What the fuck are you calling the cops to your home for if you have illegal shit?


No one can tell you what the probability is, but if there is any chance at all that you'll be taking the stand, you need a lawyer.

But that is just a guess, because IANAL. But a real one should be by shortly.


I live in MA, and I can tell you, his illegal shit, irrelevant of WHY the cops were there, is going to get him charged in this state.

So I was speaking from that perspective.


The acronym for I Am Not A Lawyer sounds like it should be an Apple buttsex machine.

The Japanese word for "jail" is ro-ya, which sounds just like the Japanese pronunciation of "lawyer". A nice mnemonic: if you want to stay out of one, best get the other.


That giant "ANAL" caught my attention, too.

Good morning TNation! lol


Morning, how YOU doing? (In my Joey from the show 'friends' voice)


"The acronym for I Am Not A Lawyer sounds like it should be an Apple buttsex machine."

That is the funniest line I have ever read on this site!

I am a lawyer, in Georgia, so take this for what it's worth. Whether they charge you or not is independent of what they do to her. However, you can bet that her defense in court will be that you were raging on her and she was just defending herself, and she will throw the drugs at you as proof. Now the drugs are in front of the prosecutor and the judge. The odds of you being charged go up (if you haven't been already).

How badly do you want to go through with the prosecution? It may be worthwhile to ask the prosecutor to drop the charges. However, be aware that while you are the victim, you don't have the authority to drop the charges yourself. The state (or I guess it's the "Commonwealth" up there) has the authority to prosecute her even if you don't want the charges to go forward because it is an offense against the state law (that's why the case will be called the Commonwealth v. "THE BITCH").

However, since this is not a case of a man beating on a woman, if you want the charges dropped and she has a half decent lawyer, you may be able to make it go away without a trial and without the drugs being brought into the courtroom as evidence.

Now as to the fact that the cops took the drugs, since it was your house, there is a presumption that the drugs were yours. Unless she can squat double her body weight and looks like it, or you have a jacked roommate, you are screwed. Hold your breath, live right, and hope they don't press charges.

If you are charged, and if you don't have any priors, most states have a first offender program where you do probation, drug counseling, etc, and jump through a bunch of hoops, and get off without a conviction. If you have priors, well, I don't know what to tell you. Either way, unless you qualify as indigent, you will pay a few to as much as several thousand for a lawyer to work you a deal. So you are still screwed, but in a gentler way. Like by Hugh Grant instead of Ron Jeremy. Or so I have heard. Not speaking from personal experience.

Let us know what happens.


"Ex" applies to a number of relationships, so depending on the one you had/have, both a criminal and a family lawyer should be consulted in that order. Your ex will likely use the police incident report in some future family court proceedings if there is a marriage issue here, so address the criminal problem first BEFORE the law interferes with your freedom.

Get comfortable with her remaining a presence in your life for some time to come, keep us informed, and dust off your checkbook.


Well, did your ex plant the gear at your house? That seems like the logical defense to me.


Wait a second.

The cops didn't find the stuff in your house, right?

Your ex dumped them on the ground, OUTSIDE, right?

There is nothing physically linking the gear and syringes to you, except the say-so of a crazy-ass bitch who was trying to kill you.

Circumstantial evidence.

"Hell, Your Honor, she probably acquired these substances herself with the intention of framing my client. I move that they be stricken from evidence."

But of course, iANAL.


Don't give Apple any more ideas...


Are you for real on the last part? I have some pirated movies and I shouldn't be calling the cops if a crazy ex had broken in and was tryign to cause me harm? You getting crazy there beanso


I think he means things that are obviously illegal and in plain view. Like a mountain of cocaine on your desk... I don't think the police, while thorough, are going to check all your DVD cases.


Pirated videos aren't really in the same league as schedule 3 drugs which, depending on the state, will result in jail time.

I'm not being crazy, you don't understand life in MA.

I live in a state where my fully licensed (the highest license he can get at his age) 16 year old can defend his life if home alone with a pump action shotgun, however if that shotgun is kept in the same safe as my GLOCK or Security 6, I will go to prison for allowing access to a firearm by someone not licensed to have it. His license covers pump action shotguns, bolt action rifles and 22 caliber rifles, not pistols. Even if he didn't use the pistol, he can get in the safe where if they don't have a trigger lock (locking up my locks) makes me a felon.

This is the world I live in. This state has criminals that break into someone's house, sue the homeowner if they get hurt during the robbery...

I'm not crazy, I'm Massprudent.

Don't invite the cops to your home if you have illegal shit there, and don't stick your dick in crazy.


To believe that you would also have to believe that the girlfriend happened to have a stash of gear on hand for the purposes of framing him at some point in the future when he called the cops on her.

If she called the cops on him, I think that claim would be much more plausible.

However, I must disclose that...



I also personally wouldn't go online and basically admit that illegal stuff was yours with possible pending legal action.


This is criminal minded 101 here guys.

WTF did you do in your youth that didn't teach you the basic tenants of law breaking?

Like driving: never break more than one law at a time. If one of you in the car has a bag of weed, don't fucking speed. If you're driving like an asshole, don't have an 8 ball in your jacket pocket...

If you have illegal shit in your home, don't call the damn cops. And if you do call the cops, ditch the illegal shit before they get there.


LOL. I can picture myself the whole scene with the typical tatooed retard on steroids, somewhere in a suburb and his crazy cheap girlfriend with fake tits. HAHAHA

I don't feel for you and I hope you get maximum jail time.

I have nothing useful to add.


My point was that when my life is in jeopardy I'm not doing an inventory of my illegal stuff. I wouldn't expect the cops to find anything as they wouldn't have probable cause. The issue is more the chick being crazy than it is having the illegal shit like you said- don't stick it in crazy.

Having said that, OP should have made the judgement call when he first procured the gear on whether or not he was prepared to take the legal ramifications that go with it possibly being discovered. I would just lawyer up and take your comupins (or however you spell that).

And you should move to VA. I'm pretty sure I can just shoot at people here to say hi rather than wave.