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Huge in a Hurry Starting on 1 FEB 10

Background: SO after many months of screwing around I decided to get on a serious and focused program and diet. I have been doing a lead up into Chad Waterbury’s ‘Huge in a Hurry’ program because it fits my time and goal parameters. Before I had been doing CrossFit here at WP to lose some weight and gain some overall conditioning. Although it worked i felt like i wasn’t gaining that much strength.

My Lead-up for the past 2 weeks and this coming week has looked like this:

DB Bunch 55x10, 60x8, 70x6
DB Fly 30x10, 35X8, 40x6
Seated Military Press (behind) 85x10,95x8, 105x6
Seated cable rows 120x10, 130x8, 140x6
Lat Pulldowns 120x10,130x8, 140x6
Preacher Curls 50x10 (1 set close, 1 set wide), 50x8 (1 set close, 1 set wide), 60x6 (1 set wide, 1 set close)
Forearm work
Floor Wipers
Med ball twist and throw with partner

Bulgarian split Squat 1x20, 1x15, 1x10
Lunges (varous, 3 sets length of long hallway)
Calf raises 3x20
Hindu Squats 2x50
Various unweighted Ab work

I upper and lower twice a week with the weekend off and wednesday off. I increase the wieght on each excercise every week. I feel that this program has really ‘primed’ me for this program.

Body Fat:18%-20% (pretty chubby around the middle)
Squat: 275 (no giggling)
DL: No clue, will test soon

I have had trouble narrowing down my goals, but ive decided on what i believe to be solid and attainable goals after 16 weeks.
1:Lose 10-15 pounds of fat
2:Gain 10 pounds of lean muscle
3:(broad) build a base of strength

ON 100% WHEY protein
ON 100% Casein protein
ON Platinum Whey
Fish Oil
Biotest Leucine
AMP N.O. Loaded pre-workout

Additional Activity:

I am judoka here at WP and practice 2 times a week. I will also be taking ballroom dancing on monday nights (believe it or not it helps with footwork for judo) and doing yoga on wednesday nights. Additonally I will do cardio twice a week on tuesdays and thursday which will not exceed 20 minutes of sprint intervals. I will give myself the weekends ‘off’ to recover and make up any missed workouts.

I Will post pics soon. I also start posting meals and workouts next week. Any criticism, advice and/or comments are greatly appreciated.

Day 1 (non-lift/Judo):

2 hours of Judo today getting ready for nationals over spring break. Started by doing 8 rounds of the “stairway to heaven” (pics of this monster soon.) and continued on with an intense practice. Gonna alter the schedule and use my Judo days as cardio days and lift tuesday, thursday and saturday (i almost always have sat off).


B-fast- Oatmeal, 1 nanner, fish oil, multi vitamin

Lunch- Salad, Meatballs, cheese, fish oil

Snack-ON Casein protein, fiber

Dinner- Fresh Salmon

Night-ON Casein protein, fish oil

Lift tomorrow

late post:

Day 2 (workout day)

felt a little underworked. ging to pick up the intensity/load.

5x5 chinups
150x5x5 CG Decline BP
Deadlift 225x5x5
DB SL calf raise 40x10x3

Ab work

Day 3;

Judo for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Cardio was a 20 minute run including stair.