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Huge in a Hurry, Repeating Workouts?


I know there are a lot of Waterbury fans out there, and some haters. If you're a hater, please don't bother replying.

Even after reading the entire book, I don't fully comprehend exactly
how the "phases" work. For instance, Phase 1 of Get Lean shows 3
workouts (A, B, C) and it says to "repeat each workout 4 times".

So assuming a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, does that mean one
4-week month will look like this:

A, A, A
A, B, B
B, B, C
C, C, C

Or like this:

A, B, C
A, B, C
A, B, C
A, B, C

I'm sure in the end it probably doesn't matter that much, but I want
to make sure I am doing everything as "right" as possible.

Thanks in advance. I already did my Monday workout, I just need to do what I am supposed to do tomorrow! :wink:


Like the above.

A on Monday, B on Wednesday, C on Friday - then repeat 3 more weeks... move onto unloading phase and continue...




Thanks guys, that's what I figured. But the book wasn't 100% clear (or if it was, I missed it)