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Huge In A Hurry: HFT Rotation


After reviewing Chad Waterbury's Huge in a Hurry I am looking to start the HFT-Arms program. I also was interested in CT's IBB. Then I thought of an idea. What if you follow the layout of CT's program but use Chad Waterbury's routine. Here is what I mean:

Week 1-4: HFT-Shoulders (3 Fullbody workouts and 4 Specialization workouts a week)
Week 5: Deload
Week 6-9: HFT-Back (Same as above.)
Week 10: Deload
Week 11-14: HFT-Legs (Same as above.)
Week 15: Deload
Week 16-19: HFT-Chest (Same as above.)
Week 20: Deload
Week 21-24: HFT-Arms (Same as above.)
Week 25: Deload

If you have read and understand Chad Waterbury's book HIAH or his articles the above (HFT-Arms) program prob. rings a bell. Now I also like to listen to more than one Coach. After reviewing CT's program IBB which isn't much different than HIAH (HFT-Bodypart) I thought I could sort of combine the ideas. Thoughts? Opinions?


why dont you just do one program or the other? but i guess why follow one program and make some progress when you can follow 6 and make 6x the progress.


Well all I would be doing is following CT's idea of specializing in one-body part at a time but using CW's HIAH workouts. As you can see above the format is similar to CT's IBB but using CW's HFT programs (which again look similar to CT's IBB). The reason I would be combining the two (not really combining) is becuase I believe CT's IBB has an unnessesary ammount of advanced techniques. With CW's program you focus on moving more weight for more reps without all the fancy icing on top.