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Huge in a Hurry Diet


I am reading/working out to Chad Waterbury's book, (after about 5 weeks of hardcore, 7 days a week isolation training.) I am now using his methods in the book, starting with the 3 days a week training, and I have been trying to eat as many lean calories as possible before reading the book, but now I am trying his diet suggested, but i am wondering...I am an extremely hard gainer...on page 321 Chad lists a mock diet for a day...But this is for I'm guessing a lot of people that need to lose some weight, as it consists of a lot of berries, fruits, etc...

So, as a hard gainer, should I follow a diet like this for this regimen? I don't mean what do you do, I mean is this the diet he is recommending for everyone including hard gainers, or should I add more calories?
(yes i know he says don't count calories but I cannot help it as I was trying to stay above 3000 a day before so I know pretty much what everything has in it...

Any help is appreciated!



eat as much food as you need to in order to gain strength and weight at a steady pace. shoot fora scale increase of 1/2 to 1 lb a week.

"don't count calories" is not good advice for a hard gainer. just trying to "wing it" will typically result in failure. you don't have to be super anal about it, but keep an eye on your intake and if the scale isn't moving in the direction it should, increase your calories (portion size) until it does.


I agree with this. When gaining if I don't keep track it's easy for me to fall short of my caloric goal


If you JUST started lifting, give it about 4 weeks before you assess your weight gain.


well its been about 3 months since i started and I'm up about 12 lbs!

thanks for the advice guys, it's slow, but steady...


I haven't read the book, but there's not really a better source of carbohydrates than fruits and vegetables. There's no reason they can't take up a large portion of your carb intake when attempting to gain size.