Huge in a Hurry Confusion

Hey there guys,

I recently got the book and Im guna start the 16 week workout today actually.

I am a bit confused on the workouts though. When you get passed the “Get Ready” it says to do the exercises four times (if you have the book it would make more sense). Now on the picture of the exercise it says for example, total reps:25. So when he says do it four times does that mean do 100 reps in total? or do 4 sets per workout?

Doing 100 reps on a heavy day would be impossible. Im just trying to figure this out. Thanks.

He means do each workout (A,B,C) once a week for four weeks.

The rep scheme should be listed, if it says 25 reps, he’ll usually give a range of 4-6 reps per set for heavy, etc.