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Huge Imbalances In Strength, Advice?

I’m 17, 6’0 & 175 pounds and i’ve been working out for around 8 months. I’ve been on and off Stronglifts 5x5 but am currently on it due to my main focus to get stronger. As many of you know if you are familiar with 5x5, 5x5 consists of 3 workouts per week, alternating between workout A & B. Workout A is 5 sets of 5 Squat, Bench & Barbell Row. Workout B is 5 sets of 5 Squat, Overhead Press & 1 set of 5 Deadlift. I started out lifting and i was as weak as can be, embarrassed to even lift around friends and to be judged at the gym. But as i have continued with this program, I have gotten considerably stronger in some areas & some not so much. To put it into perspective, here are my estimated max lifts when i started lifting and my max lifts as of right now using a calculator:

(beginning lifts are based on a max day from a year ago during wrestling practice to the best of my memory)

Bench: 115 x 3
Squat: 185 x 3
Row: 95 x 5
Deadlift: 225 x 1
Overhead Press: hell if i know. couldn’t be that much honestly

Bench: 165 x 1
Squat: 365 x 1
Row: 180 x 1
Deadlift: 330 x 1
Overhead Press: 115 x 1

As you can see, my Squat has blown the fuck up compared to all other lifts, some more than others. My upper body is by far my weakest link in my body. I can lift alongside 80% of my gym as far as squat goes, but everything else falls if i try to lift alongside that same person in a different category. i plateau somewhat in all lifts other than squat. With 5x5 i squat every single day, and lately i’ve been adding a 50 rep bench challenge to every B day (Lift as many reps to get to 50 and increase weight everytime i can reach 50 within 7 sets). What is your advice? should i switch bench with squat which would make me squat once or twice a week while benching 3 times a week or keep doing what i am doing? or should i switch squat to 3x5 so all my other lifts can recover better without squat hogging all the progress? or should i just keep doing what i’m doing because i’m getting gains regardless and they will end up catching up? thank you for reading all this shit & also rate my strength considering my length of working out & age.

Are you hitting proper depth on squats? (big deal for a PL forum) In my experience with new guys when their squats are higher than their Deadlifts normally means several things,

  1. Crap leverage for Deads…But good leverages for squats
    2.Poor form on Deads
  2. They are squatting high as hell so the numbers becomes skewed between the two lifts.