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Huge Guy in Wheelchair


Randomly ran into this guy. Name's Master Hinkle. Bench presses 420lbs at 150 (although granted, has no legs).

also playes wheelchair basketball for the crimson tide. fucking BALLER!








x 2. I mean, not much else I can really say.



FUCKING awesome.

That's really some inspirational stuff.




Damn that's a huge bench let alone the fact that it's all upper body for him.




Too cool...

That's a monster bench for sure.


yep, fucking fucking fucking awesome. the extra fucking is for awesome.

the others a typo :wink:




wow. no leg drive....that's insanely awesome!

does he just lay there; or is he like....strapped down or something?
(not to sound like a total insensitive prick or anything; just genuinely curious)


Check this guy out.


I live in Lousiana and the Greater Gulf States BB Show has a wheelchair division. The guy who won it last year had a better upper body than the men's open overall champion.

There was also another wheelchair competitor who looked damned good, but it was his posing that was off the charts. He had a wheelchair with spinner rims, neon lights and a license plate that said "BEAST". He popped wheelies, moonwalked, and doing the wheelchair overall he jumped onto the eventual winner chair to hit a bicep pose.

Inspirational stuff.

Just watched the vid above. That's the same guy whose pic I just posted. Couldn't remember his name though.


wow, thats amazing, good for them


yeah man, he's strapped in. i know he wraps a belt around both his waist and bench when he does seated db mil press


Here's video of Nick "The Beast" Scott.


damm guy has huge ass tris. love when people tell me they don't have what it takes to go to the gym and then I show them people like this and they shutup.


I've seen some of those guys practicing in the Rec center.. fucking impressive.