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Huge Gap with Squat & Deadlift


I just started Wendler's 5/3/1. Due to some back problems I have been front squating instead of back squating.

This week I maxed:

BP: 220
FSQ: 200
DL: 350

Is it weird to have such a huge gap between my squat and deadlift? Anything I should be doing to try and close the gap, or just stick to the program?


You're comparing your front squat with your deadlift? Is that right?




I guess in the earlier stages of lifting the deadlift is much less technical, in the sense that you can get away with less than stellar form and still lift a lot. If you're squatting below parallel and even one link in the chain is weak you're going to sacrifice a lot of weight on the bar.

There's also the issue of body mechanics. Some guys really have to squat down to deadlift. Others won't have to bend their knees much at all. Thus these can be somewhat similar or extremely different lifts.


Okay, thanks. I'm about 6"0, 170 and got long arms so I don't bend down far at all on deadlift, maybe that's it.


Since you mentioned your stats, I should mention that overall mass plays a big role.

In my own experience, whenever I lose a lot of weight, even though it's mostly fat, my squat and bench suffer while my deadlift often increases. Skinny guys can pull just fine but the fat guys will almost always out-squat them (again, personal experience).


If you're comparing Front Squat to Deadlift, that looks about right. A 350 Front Squat would be very impressive.


FS: 152Kg
BS: 180kg
DL: 170Kg

It depends on your experience. I don't DL much hence my crap DL and my serious injury 4yrs ago with my prolapsed disc I don't go heavy on the DL. I DL 160kg x 6reps the other week.

If I DL more it would go up but not to your levels because I squat 3x a week along with my OLifting.



Holy shit!! Long time no see!


nope thats normal.

Although I haven't DL in a few months my #'s are

DL: 375
Fsquat: 250
Bsquat: 277