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Huge Difference: 1 RM vs Workout Weight


Im curious about the difference in weight between my 1 rep max and my current work-out weight for the bench press.

Currently, my 1 rep max is 240lbs, while my current workout weight is 156 for 9 reps.

I generally bump the weight as soon as I can get a weight for 12 good reps.

Anyway, the difference in weight seems a little odd to me. Am I wrong?


It's really not all that surprising... there is a rule of thumb out there somewhere that gives a general guide as to the relationship between them.


Here's a table:

Reps %1RM
1 100
2 95
3 90
4 88
5 86
6 83
7 80
8 78
9 76
10 75
11 72
12 70


how do you get 156 lbs. on a bar?


Fractional plates, perhaps?

Geek boy


2 x 3 pound plates.

No olympic weights in my gym, good old fashioned 1 inch diameter bar.


These are, of course, only estimations. If you mainly do high reps in your workout, you'll get better at that, but your 1-3RM won't be that high. In other words, you would possibly be able to do 12 reps with 75-80% of 1RM.

On the other hand, it is quite common that when focusing on low reps, your low rep RMs increase, but your ability to do higher reps decreases ie. just 8 reps at 70%.