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'Huge' Chemical weapons facility found


  Officials from the Pentagon have reported 'huge' chemical weapons facilities found 225 miles from Bagdad.

  Looks like a smoking gun.

  Heh, I'm sure France will still veto the resolution.

And you believe that shit!?!?!? The US planted that!!!

…that is what they will say, at least!!

“U.S. Central Command, which oversees the war in Iraq, said in a statement that troops were examining several “sites of interest,” but said it was premature to call the Najaf site a chemical weapons factory.”

Do you really want to be known as “premature?”

I’m not saying the site isn’t an actual chemical weapons factory. I hope it is. This would make us look good and give us credibility.

But if you’re going to continue posting about the war, you’ll never gain any credibility by copying, then editing stories to suite your desires. This is the same thing the Iraqi media does. This is one of the reasons we can believe we’re better than our enemy.

Try to act more responsibly than our enemy. Show some patience and restraint. That’s something a Marine has to learn quick of they’re going to survive, not by charging in uninformed, prematurely, and without knowing as much information as possible.

Diesel, didn’t you already prove that FOXnews.com is not a credible source? I gave you links to articles with quotes from Colin Powell admitting that documents provided to the UN by the US were indeed forged. You said this was a “radical conspiracy theory.” What makes you believe this article and not other ones from the same source?

Wait, let me guess. The answer is: “Shut up!”

Too easy.

It says “suspected” in the headline. How did you not see it?

“Coalition forces discovered Monday a “huge” suspected chemical weapons factory near the Iraqi city of Najaf, some 90 miles south of Baghdad, a senior Pentagon official confirmed to Fox News.”

This is what the headline reads.

"The chemical plant is described as a "100-acre complex," surrounded by an electrical fence. The plant was also apparently camouflaged to avoid aerial photos being taken."

You can believe what you want but I find it odd that the Iraqi's took big steps to keep this plant hidden. If this isn't a chemical weapons facility, why go to such extremes to keep the place hidden?


Sorry to disappoint ya, but…


No chemical weapons found.