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Well PODGE, I am a pretty tall guy too. I am about 6’3" . i can honestly see how some find it hard to believe without seeing. About a month or two a go I was sitting at the bar in a mexican resturant talking to some girls,when one of these girls was talking about how guys look goofy in shorts. She said that she has hardly ever seen a man that had nice calves. I was wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt at the time. I have to buy the loose fitting pants just to get them around my calves. Well anyway I told I had some pretty freaky calves. She kinda look at me like ya right. She then commented ok lets see them. So I pulled up my pants leg and eyes about popped out her head. She said WOW! (laughing) She asked my how they got so big I said I jump rope alot (laughing) I can honestly say that my calves are about the only muscle group I get complimented on.

begin sarcasm WWWHHHHHAAAA!!! My legs build muscle too easy. I hate having good genetics… Man, you sound like my sister… she did squats for 2 weeks and put 2 inches on her thighs while on a 1200 cal a day diet…
end sarcasm dude, there are worse things in life than big calves. take me for example, i am so hairy that my freinds use to call me chubaka…

Steve, please post a picture so you can disprove all us nayayers. I know a guy with 22" calves that aren’t shredded and he is only 5’8" and they look freaky. I can’t imagine what yours look like. I’ll believe when I see it.

Man, you guys are harsh!
You’ll never see me complaining with all the “support” you offer!!
But think about the calves, guys: most of us stand around on our calves all day. That’s about a million reps of low intensity. Great to fire the type II muscle fibers which gives endurance but no size. Then you try to lift hard and heavy and the muscle just laughs back at you. Remember when trying to get size to also do the seated calf raises. This works the soleus (which is behind the gastroc) to grow and pushes the gastroc out where it can be seen.
I don’t know what kind of work you do Steve, but if you change your routine to include more running, cycling, etc. you divert away from the Type I hypertrophic fibers and toward more of the long, lean, endurance-loving Type II.
I do also have to agree with the comment about your body fat. I’m at 12% and I’m a cute little pudge! Really ripped starts in the single digits… let’s not kid ourselves girls!

Twenty five inch calves? I smell synthol…

Ummmmm isn’t type I slow twitch endurance muscles. Type II is fast twitch. Me thinks you have reversed it by accident. :slight_smile:

What does synthenol smell like. Hey I remembered the caps. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve got the same ‘problem’ with my forearms & wrists. I’m finding that my plate curl #'s are going up faster & more consistently than my other lifts. My squat goes up kind of fast too, it must be my big butt (well, when I’m doing what I know what works for me instead of some kind of experiment). Maybe I should change my handle to Hugh Jass or Wide Load or something. With all the people who would kill to have huge calves, I wouldn’t complain about them being ‘too big’. How many guys would complain about having a huge dick? Help me you guys, my dick is too big. What should I do?

hi. have anyone of you got some good calve routine? ill do anything to make them grow!! Thanks

Steve, how can you get into a pair of pants with 25" calves? Most people with 25" thighs have a problem getting pants to fit and the lower leg portion of pants are thinner. Of course, you could have the dreaded Hillary Clinton disease…Calves Gigantasouras.

utter nonsense. Post a pic and then I will believe it and apologize. You do not have 25 and a half inch calves. BS.

IM gonna have to call bullshit on the 25 inch calves bro. It could have been an honest mistake, but Im sure they are nowhere near 25 inches. I bet that picture will never see the forum, but if it does and they are 25 you can make me look like an idiot. Im eager to see this.

I have 18 inch calves and they are indeed bigger than my thighs. It’s ridiculous. I think i got them genetically but they got huge when i was playing hockey, f-ball, and track. I wish i could redistribute some of the muscle to other parts of my body.

My arms and shoulders are bigger than they should be. (I’m 5’8")

I only do arm exercises once every two weeks. I’ve got the Stallone thing going on.

Well , guys I am ashamed to say it, but I don’t think I used the tape right. I had a guy at GNC where I live measure them. Their not 25.5 inches. more like a little less than 20". I didn’t use a plastic tape, I used a metal tape, he says i probably miss read it. Well sorry to mislead you guys. God I feel like a dumbass! But a man has to be man and say he’s a dumbass when he’s a dumbass, and well I am dumbass. I did measure my thighs too ,with supervision of course, and their only about 23" , so you can still imagine that I look kinda weird. Also, I measured my arms and they aren’t quite as big as I thought either , the week end was humbling experience.

props to admitting your mistake bro. i still hate you because i have small calves! (jk)

as the first one to call bullshit on your 25.5 inch calves, let me also be the first (OK second) to say way to step up and take the mistake like a man.
if there’s anything i hate more than a dirty rotten liar, it’s people so stubborn they refuse to admit when they make any mistake.