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I was wondering does anyone have muscle groups that grow without working them. I have huge calves, and I don’t even work them. They are so big and they make the upper part of my legs look small. I measured them about a week ago and their like 25 1/2 inches. My arms are only about 16 1/2 maybe 17. I checked my %BF its about 13. I am beginning to hate wearing shorts because eveyone always comments how huge they are. I wish I had this problem with my arms. Well anyway I was just wondering is their a way to reduce their hugeness without cutting out working legs period? I repeat I don’t do any exercises for them

I didn’t ‘want’ to loose calf size but since I started cardio I’ve lost about 1". Got to admit man that 25"+ calves is pretty damn big. Pro’s rarely have calves bigger than their arms.

wow ! you lucky sumbitch !!.. it seems that there are 3 body parts that people can just have that are genetically huge. traps, forearms, and calves. i’m all ectomorph, every muscle started small…i have the smallest “cankles” that are almost embarassing (the part between the calf and ankle, i heard john madden refer to it)i have no idea how to make them shrink, unless you roll yourself in a wheelchair for a couple of years.

I also forgot to mention I dont use gear.

My forearms are pretty big too not anything like my calves though. I currently weigh about 228lbs. 30 lbs are probably in my calves (laughing) All my friends say I look like a freak. They are a good diamond shape too ,good cuts, just too damn big. A guy I went to high school with had huge calves too, but he was a soccor player. I wrestled and played football. My mother said it was probably genetic, her father had huge calves and forearms.

im the same way. my calves are very large and i havent worked them in four or five years.

I have that ‘problem’ with my upper back and lats…i will do three sets a week for it and it grows to be as wide as a door. not complaining about it though. its just a little weird…

you guys are lucky suckers. man i work the living hell out of my calves, and they grow about 3 times as slow as the rest of my body. i mean i started out with nothing, and now i have a little something, but compared to my upperbody and legs my calves dont look proportional whatsoever. if anyone wants to trade calves ill be more than happy!

I feel your pain brother, same here. And this guy has the nerve to complain about his being to big…I wish i had your problem.

I find it incredibly hard to believe that someone has 25 1/2 inch calves. That’s a good 3 inches bigger than Dorian’s and Nasser’s

yeah dudes, ive worked the hell out of my calves and while they seem kinda big, they also seem relatively formless…i would kill for large, killer-cut calves…besides, what girl doesnt like a sexy sexy soleus =)

funny i got good calves and traps but terible forearms, in fact evreything is terirble except my traps and calves.hmmmmmm well my tris are ok too

sorry steve, i don’t believe you for a second. are you sure you weren’t looking at the “centimeter” side of the measuring tape?
There’s two possibilities:

  1. you’re as fat as Rosie O’Donell on a bulking cycle
  2. you’re a big liar…

my advice: if you’re gonna inflate your stats on the net, at least throw out something believable, like 20 inch cows…did i mention how i had a 34 inch dick?

Nobody has bigger calves than their upper legs. It’s nearly impossible. I also doubt that Steve has 25 and 1/2" calves that are shredded. I can’t see this guy weighing 228 at 13% bodyfat with tree trunk legs and 17 inch arms. How tall is he? 5 foot 1? Seriously, if Steve is telling truth than he is a genetic freak.

I know that when I played lacrosse and hockey year round, my legs, especially my calves, were huge. I didn’t have very good shape and definition, but the size was there. Now that I have stopped, they are shrinking and it sucks because I actually have to train legs really hard now to get my size back! BTW- those are some huge calves!

what’s he whining about anyway? I could understand if he was complaining about a huge gut and it being unproportional to the rest of his body.

I have the same “problem”. They’re huge and I never work them. When I do work them, they’re so for over a week - really intense soreness I don’t experience with any other body part. Whether that is a result of the fact I rarely work them, or some other reason, I don’t know? What I do know is that I wish my arms or shoulders were the body-part that had this “problem”…

try losing some body fat. 13% bf and you can see cuts in them? that seems really odd. Lose some BF and show them off proudly. laters pk

For all the non-believers out their I will get a photo of a measurement and post it on a website for all to see. There is one possibility I could have measured them wrong, but I think I can wrap a tape around my leg.

give steve a break… once i read his post, it reminded me of a guy at the gym who had very freaky large calves. the longest, thickest calves you ever seen… his tendons/muscle to his ankle were so wide that it’d strecth out his hi-top shoes. (no shit !)… i also dated a girl several years ago who had 17" calves, at 5’4", and she weighted maybe 135. i don’t think it’s too uncommon to see fairly larger muscle bellies in certain areas on endomorphic body types.