Huge Ass Knee?

Hey all,

My girlfriends knee has swollen to epic proportions over the last 8 weeks. She’s had an MRI scan, cortisone and numerous doctors prod and poke at it, but nothing is working!! The initial thought was a burst cyst behind the knee, and inflamed tendons connecting both the quad and hamstring to the knee.

Ice and anti-inflammatories will temporarily lessen the swelling, but ultimately nothing is helping.

It’s at the point where she can’t walk properly, and she can’t get into see a Dr for another 2 weeks.

Has anyone got any solutions, similar experiences etc??? She’s hating life not being able to train, and I feel shit that I can’t help her.

i don’t know if its worth mentioning, since she’s already seen several doctors. However it sounds a lot like water on the knee, which would be a rupture of the bursa or synovial sac, which would lead to swelling because bursa/synovial fluid would flow into the joint space.

it can cause a sever drop in RoM, pain, etc. when it gets very swollen it appears to hang off the knee and if you poke it, it will jiggle around because its fluid.

the bursa is also underneath the tendons that connect to muscles to the knee, it protects the tendons from excessive rubbing, and so a rupture could possibly lead to inflamtion of those muscles.

when i had it, ice and anti-inflamatories didn’t help much, i got my team doctor to drain it, and he put a shot of cortisone when he was finished, and told me to keep it wrapped tightly. i went from missing practices for a week, to running and tackling like normal in 24 hours.

but like i said, i don’t know if this is relevant as i would assume a doctor would pick up on this…?