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Huge Ass Glutes


Serious post.

I'm not yet at the level where I'd like to talk weak points/strong points too much, all I know is my arms need to get a hell of a lot bigger and I need to work everything that would give me "bodybuilding proportions" a little more frequently whilst I build.

However- the one muscle that seems to be noticeably way too dominant is my glutes. My waist is just under 34" at the smallest point in the morning, my legs are like 25.5" yet my be-hind is 41.5/42.

In a serious bodybuilding way, I don't want to be too glute dominant to the point that it takes away from from leg size and overall how big my upper body looks in comparison.

Anyone else measured up? I assure you I'm not bitching about not being able to find jeans 'cuz my legz r too big. I just seriously worry when my legs are 28"+ my ass will be "even huger"


What does your leg workout look like? I am guessing a lot of back squats


It is way more likely that your problem is you need to get bigger all over...than it is that your ass is too large for a bodybuilder.


Taken from my training log, a pretty typical leg session:


Squat - 120/264 x 8 - 130/286 x 10 - 141/300 x 5
Front Squat - 80/176 x 10 - 90/198 x 10 - 100/220 x 5 PR
Walking BB Lunges - 40/88 x 8 per side - 45/99 x 4 per side.
Ghetto Leg Extensions - 20/44 x 12 - 26/57 x 12 - 30kg/66 x 10

So yeah I've pretty much always started with back squats from the time I started serious training, but only relatively recently have I been trying to actually get slightly below parallel depth, the first time I "hit" 300x6 it was more in the half squat range, maybe higher.

I want to sack the BB lunges as they aren't quad focused enough, but I'm still yet to really nail the feel of front squats every week. Anyone think I should be looking into leg pressing/hack squatting? The latter I would only have available to me for the next 2 months before I move back to campus gym..


Whilst I completely agree I have to get bigger all over, I'd rather modify my training "the best I reasonably can" to work to what are obvious strengths and weaknesses, then just blindly hope my body sculpts itself perfectly. I know this isn't what your suggesting but I'm sure you'd agree that that what I'm saying is very relevant for someone who would eventually like to do some natty bb shows. Creating the best illusion of size is important, as I'm sure you'd agree.


Isn't 'Glutes' in the title redundant? Joking aside, perhaps pre-exhausting with leg extensions could help target your quads in the squatting movements. I've also heard folks getting good results from a hack squat machine.

If you don't have the hack squat, you could try using the leg press with a higher foot placement.


At those weights, I would continue working your legs/glutes regularly along with everything else.

Once you get to the point where you are squatting more than anyone in the gym, but your other lifts are only average, you might try focusing more time on your weaker muscles and only doing legs for maintenance.

I spend far more time on my chest/back than on legs these days, for that reason.


I know, I'm hilarious. But yeah, these are the sort of things I think I should probably try.

I'm not intending to stop squatting completely really ever, I'd always like to have a variation in there, so I will always be trying to work up (300lb+ front squat sets, 400lb+ back squat sets are of course the goal). I'm just trying to ensure when I reach whatever weight I end my "gradual bulk" on, I've chosen wisely with exercises that work muscles to their full aesthetic potential and come out in decent shape rather then with a huge ass, no upper chest, no arms.. whatever.

Basically, my idea of progression is the weights used is #1 method until you are at a pretty advanced level, BUT since there are a lot of strong ass guys who look like crap (bodybuilding wise), I believe I'd be fool to (completely) avoid thinking about form/pump and what exactly it is I'm hitting. I'm just looking to train smart as well as hard.


I've never seen someone with glutes that are too big... even among pro bb'ers and powerlifters. I would actually be curious to see a pic of someone who's ass is muscularly too big

It's supposed to stick out a little bit. I would assume also there is some fat there and it would shrink a bit


Wouldn't higher foot placement on the leg press hit hammies/glutes more? Kinda like a sumo leg press I always thought it was for hammies.


pics or it didn't happen


It's not about it being "too big" as such its about making sure it doesn't make the quads/hams and upper body look "worse" aesthetically. All the powerlifters I know (admittedly not too many)are good examples of guys with big glutes but no ham development beyond knock-on-effect and no quad sweep to speak of. This isn't to knock powerlifting but to say that "just getting big/strong for lower body" doesn't automatically cover your bodybuilding bases. Stating that is just ridiculous. Part of the sport is still about balance/proportions..


I think you're right. The goal is to focus on knee extension for the quads rather than hip extension, so lower would be the trick. My mistake!


x2 It's probably much fatter than you realize and/or this is all in your head. Plus, based on your measurements that doesn't sound at all abnormal to me.


If you are going to keep lunge variations in your routine, the shorter the stride the more quad dominant it is. Hack squatting is good as well if your warmed up. Have you read the Meadows article on legs or leg pressing?


Big glutes? Start OVERTRAINING the fuckers.



Even once you hit your squat goals, it's always good to keep pushing for more weight. But at higher loads, if you're finding that your legs significantly outstrip your other muscles, you can cut back (not eliminate) leg work and spend more of your workout bringing up the other muscles.


No, I'm suggesting that quite a few guys who "aren't black" seem to think having an ass at all means they have a "big ass". I personally think the shit is hilarious because none of you yet have shown pictures proving you actually have some gargantuan ass that is so out of place on a bodybuilder.

It is in most of your heads and nothing more.

Women don't like flat asses on guys...so why is this an issue for you?

Being afraid of having an ass is some funny shit to observe...especially when you still don't have one.


What I assume goes on in Beverly Hills:

"Oh, Becky, Look at HIS butt. It is SSOOOOOO big. He must be one of those bodybuilders or something. Ewwwwww."

What goes on in Compton:

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Lulz. For the record, not all white people think this way. But this thread does seem to show up every few weeks or so, and always from us, so it tends to frustrate the likes of me.