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HT's Topic Locked...So Here We Go Again!


06/01/09 - Monday
8 mile bike ride/45 mins

06/02/09 - Tuesday
45x12x2; 135x10; 185x8; 225x5; 275x3; 315x2x5(1 min rest bet sets)
Keiser Leg Extension
worked up to 250psi x 5
Keiser Seated Leg Curl
worked up to 125psi x 5

06/03/09 - Wednesday
General shoulder warm-up - 20 mins
Press Behind the Neck
45x12x2; 70x10; 95x8; 120x5; 135x8x3
Standing BB Press
Hang Cleans
Stiff-leg DL off blocks
135x10; 175x10x4
Bent-over BB Rows
135x6; 155x6; 175x6; 195x6; 215x6
BW x failure x 3

06/05/09 - Thursday
Thick Bar Curls
45x20; 65x15; 85x10; 95x5
Keiser Curl Machine
worked up to 165psi x 5
Reverse-grip DB Cuirls
15x10; 20x10
Standing 2 pink Band Crunches
10 x 3 sets

Hope all is well with my bros and sis's in Iron......HEAVYTHROWER; Barry, hel, JimmyT


wow! i did not know a topic could reach a limit!!

first, vid from the last deadlift session.




box squat deload- 3x6x150kg dropped the box down 1 inch. not too bad.

ghr 2x10

ghr abds 2x10

military press 5x10x 60kg

barbell rows 5 x 10 x 90kg



deadlifts from last session

today did box squats 3x6x 150kg

ghr 2x 10

military press and barbell rows 5 x 10 each.


QT looking strong as ever,
HT that is some nice pulling

glad you guys have a new home, the post limmit thing is new.



Simply Awesome Guys!

QT, some things you're just naturally great at.

HT, I'm speechless as always, that's some serious weight.


Heck yea! Did you see how the camera shook when that weight hit the ground?


Michael - AWESOME video!!!! Do you think using the double overhand grip is keeping your back 'healthier' than using the mixed grip??? You seem to be able to handle the heavy sets pretty consistently over the last month or so......what do you think is happening???

06/07/09 - Sunday
Hang Cleans
Stiff-leg Deadlifts off 6" Block
135x10; 165x10; 220x10; 245x10; 185x10
Bent-over BB Rows
135x6; 185x6x4
3 mile bike ride right before dark