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HTPA Restart Plan

Hi there.

Would like some advice on htpa restart please. If @KSman could chime in would be awesome.

My main problem is very low libido and low energy in general, and erectile dysfunction. I am not really after muscle growth, just feeling better and manly again.
Last time I checked my test it was very close to the bottom limit. I know I am not primary cause my gf is pregnant and that happened while a i was taking some tribulus+maca+ginkgo a few months back.
I am committing myself to habit changes too such as exercising and dieting, losing weight. I am 6ft tall and weight 185 pounds, 38 yo.

My plan is:
Hcg 150ui 3x per week for 6 weeks, then on the 5th week start with tamoxifen 10mg ed for another 6 weeks along with arimidex.
All of the time I would take:
Arginine, for energy and erections
Milk thistle, for the liver

How does this sound!?
Would the zma and the compounded tribulus+maca+ginkgo help the testicles and testosterone production!? Or is it a waste of money!?

P.s. I am not effeminate I just feel assexual, which I wasn’t a few years back, hehe.

Thanks for everyone that can help.

Ksman doesn’t come around any more. Others will chime in, though. You can get your test to bump up whIle you run the restart, but the vast majority of guys revert to their pre restart levels once you stop.

I doubt the zma, tribbulus, ginko will help

Now if you have other things to clean up, like need lose weight, sleep issues ,drinking too much, general diet, exercise those might get things to bump you up some. Whether that will help enough to alleviate your symptoms, I don’t know. Depending on how bad you feel you may not have the energy to do a lot of that.

If you pay out of pocket, decent trt runs about 150- 200 month averged out. It can be higher but if be cautious of lower.

The HCG is going to suppress your LH production right before you try to restart it with the Nolva. I’d skip that and just take the Nolva for 4 weeks and see if you notice and difference

Edit: just saw you plan on taking anastrozole too? Why? And take 20mg Nolva instead of 10 since you’re going for a restart and not just gyno prevention.

Thanks @wolf359.
So testicles fall back to previous state once you stop the htpa restart!?
In that case trt is the only solution!?

Anastrazole to avoid aromatization, no!?
Nolva 20mg every day for 4 weeks!?

You don’t need to avoid aromatization during a restart I wouldn’t think. Yes 20mg daily for 4 weeks to restart your HTPA. See if it works. You may go back to low T once you stop, but if you don’t want to start TRT, it’s your best shot

Thank you very much for your help Swoops.
I guess I would have to be very lucky to kick start them testicles just with nolva then, since one can’t take it forever, right?
I think trt is out of the equation for now, since I can’t get hold of it and don’t have health insurance. Probably just be miserable til a miracle happens, hehe.
I will try my luck with 4 weeks of nolva.

It’s worth a shot. Just remember HCG is suppressive and AI isn’t needed during a restart. Only bloodwork will really show if it worked, but how you feel should improve too. Good luck

Edit: not sure you can take it forever, it does have side effects, but for a restart attempt, 4-6 weeks is good

Yeah, Pretty much. Or live with it I suppose. I guess you go try long term hcg or clomid therapy and see how you feel. Seems to work for some, but other guys don’t feel well on either. if you wanted to trt just so you could cross them off as having done all you could first, I could understand that.

Yeah, you shouldn’t need an ai for any of it.