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HTPA Restart Attempt After Few Years of TRT


I’ve been on HCG restart for 2 about two months. I started it on July 15th.
My doctor prescribed 5000iu 2xweek at first, which I divided to 2500iu EOD after few weeks.
I know the dosing is huge, but apparently it’s needed when coming off after years of testosterone use without hcg.

Anyways, I just got bloods and they are disappointing.
E2: 0.17nmol /l (<0.15)
Total testosterone: 16.5nmol /l (8-29).
SHBG: 28nmol /l (15-95)
Free testosterone: 274pmol /l (155-800)
Hgb: 155g/l (134-167)
HKR: 44.6% (39-50)

My free testosterone is pretty crap imo. What do you guys think? Should I just wait for longer, if the hcg just needs more time? Or maybe my balls just are whack and there is no other choice than to just hop back on testosterone…
Feels this far:
-Anxiety and panic attacks from time to time
-Pretty bad brain fog occasionally, it sucks
-Weird tingling in my toes

Yesterday I decreased my dose to 1250iu EOD and today I got pretty bad brainfog and anxiety.
Like I made a lot of typos writing this message because of the brainfog I’m currently having. Sucks balls.

Is my HCG restart doomed?
I would ask my doc but there is no getting hold of him. He doesn’t take calls or emails, only appointments and he has a 5 month waiting line. Before someone tells me to switch doctors, he is pretty much the only doctor around where I live who doesn’t think trt is the devil.

I’m not sure how solo HCG is supposed to restart your HPTA. I was under the impression from following other threads that it was suppressive in and of itself and should be followed by a SERM regimen. All that aside, thats a massive dose of HCG.

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Yes this is just the step of trying to wake up my balls to produce testosterone.
Apparently if a huge dose of hcg won’t make your balls produce enough test, nothing will.
According to my dr it’s called a HCG test.

I don’t think I follow this. HCG acts like LH in the balls, but not exactly. If you wanted to really test if your balls still work, a SERM test would be better. I’d suggest Tamoxifen or ENclomephine. The HCG could help ‘warm them up’ so to speak before doing that

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Thanks for the insight.
I mailed my dr about switching to a SERM but I doubt he’ll answer, since he doesn’t really answer emails.

I actually found another trt doc so hopefully he will be willing to put me on a SERM.

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They should be used in sequence one after the other in certain dosages

A little update!

I saw a new doc yesterday, who seemed to be well educated on the subject.
He prescribed the Tamoxifen for me, so I’ll be switching hcg to it.
Kinda concerned about the elevated risk of blood clots tho.

An update on how I’ve been feeling also:
-Pretty energetic, which has been a refreshing change.
-Libido is still pretty “meh”.
-Some brainfog which I hope will lift after the hcg clears.
-No aural migraines so far, which was the biggest problem with trt
-Less heart palpitations

I really hope the Tamoxifen helps and I can quit all my meds at some point.
Doctor seemed sceptical about it tho.

Gonna get bloods after a month on Tamoxifen and see the doc after that.

A weird thing.

last two nights I’ve noticed my hands tend to turn numb when I lay on my side.
This morning I had numbness on my toes and left forearm, and I’ve been feeling really anxious, like I have a panic attack 24/7. Not cool.
Googled it up and apparently anxiety is one of possible side effects of Tamoxifen. Nice.