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I noticed some people use HTML in their writing and I was wondering how you do it? I see some posts with bold, italic, lines across screen.

What are the commands for it?

No HTML, this is forum formatting.

text for bold
text for italics
oh em gee underline is u

Drop the *, [u]obviously[/u]

Standard html coding uses these kinds of brackets <>, I’ve noticed T-Nation uses these instead .

In html coding if you want to make a word bold for instance example, place in the beginning of the word and right after the word. Don’t forget, T-Nation uses these kinds of brackets so use them instead of <>. For italic words in html, use and .

Once you get the basic idea of the brackets, using the tags is really simple.

Here are some examples: http://www.web-source.net/html_codes_chart.htm


Sweet. thanks

It’s not just T-Nation, it’s industry an standard known as bbcode (Bulletin Board Code). We selected a few tags to allow: Bold, Italics, Underline, Center, and of course Quote (to create gray text). The post describing the brackets [code] above is correct. (Replace the word “code” in the previous example with b for bold, i for italics, u for underline, center for center, and quote for gray text.)

Now don’t think just because we use bbcode that any tag you throw up here will work. We only allow the above listed tags.

It’d be nice to also have strikethrough for text and [pre] for monospaced lists.