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Ok, looking for some help here with HTML tags. Would appreciate any help for the following commands: Bold, Italics, A single hard return (not a double space). Just put them in quotes like “<” “p” “>” I know that is the one for a double spaced hard return. Thanks!

I’m currently helping Ko with this “stuff” too.

Okay for bold a "<" "b" ">" before the word or phrase and after would be "<" "/""b"">" (and I don't think I have to tell you to not use the "). Italics would be the same format, except of using a b, you'd use a i. And make sure you end the word or phrase with the "<" "/" "b"">" - or else ALL of your post will be bold or italics!

A single hard return is “<” “br” “>”.

dude whenever i need to recall some quick html tags i consult this site: http://hotwired.lycos.com/ webmonkey/reference/html_cheatsheet/
its got ALL the basics-hope it helps

For neat lists of stuff:

A numbered list: "<" "ol" ">" at the beginning and "<" "/ol" ">" at the end.

A bullited list: "<" "ul" ">" at the beginning and "<" "/ul" ">" at the end.

"<" "li" ">" at the beginning of each numbered (or bullited) item on the list

As Patricia noted, take out the quotes and spaces in the tags. (and don't forget to close tags!!!)

Check this out:

http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/ reference/html_cheatsheet/index.html

Thanks guys. The information you have provided will help me greatly when I post my strength program on the Training and Nutrition forum. Don’t miss out on it; I know alot of people that are gonna want to do this thing with me!