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Has anyone tried hypertrophy specific training by Haycock,and if so, what are your impressions?

I have had great success with HST in the past, so have many other people. char-dawg, I believe, as well as Steve M and a few others. I do know that Nate Dogg was not a fan, however.

Personally, I gained 6 lbs in one cycle while dieting, annd then another 10 on a slight mass phase.

A search for the HST Support Groups should bring up a lot more results. It's a great program, I love it. I'll be going back to it soon.

Hope this helps.

Read the articles, see if you buy into it, and tweak it to fit your likes. If I can get the same results, while taking time off, I am in. I enjoyed productivity on it for one cycle. I stretched out the strength phase, because I wanted to. I am not posting my numbers because I think anyone that says here that "I am 187 with 12.254879562% bodyfat is guessing at best and is maybe within 2%. How the pants fit and how I look nekkid man, that’s it.

HST+morning cardio+poliquin diet has been nothing but anabolism for me. Pound a week.

Like John said, do a search.

I’m on it since April and have gained 9 kilos since (around 20 pounds). BF has increased around 3%.

Oh, and char-dawg is defenitely NOT a fan.

Yes, restless is right. Seems I’m getting my dawgs mixed up. Sorry guys, my mistake.

Thanks for the replies.
I did the research,and I will go for it after the following week. I used a lot of different things over the years, but there was almost always a standard 7 days between the same bodypart.I have never tried something like HST.
I am looking forward to it.

Using it right now, I did it in the past and gained 5 pounds, doing it now and I noticed an immediate gain in what I call the ‘weeklong pump’ all over my body. I just feel alot better about HST than traditional methods.

John, you were right. Char-dawg and myself are NOT fans of HST. I’m back on Renegade Training again, and I absolutely love it. It’s been the best thing I’ve done, and I’ll be sticking with it. Renegade Nate Dogg is in the house!

I tried HST for one cycle, and wasn’t terribly impressed by the results. I think I set my load increments too high, so that I had too many workouts that weren’t much of a challenge (e.g. using a 20 lb increment on my Squats meant that at the beginning of a 2 week mini-cycle I was 120 lbs below a failure weight). I think the starting weight for me has to be at least 80% (maybe 85%) - I was starting at about 70%.

I think I’ll try it again someday with smaller increments - but right now I’m trying Chad W.'s Volumes of Strength idea.

I tried the program and liked it. I added about 9 lbs of lean mass. I found the sub-maximal loading schedule made the more frequent workouts feasible, even though I am older, but I was taking very good care of sleep and food at the same time. I used fractional plates for loading some of the exercises, to keep the loading increments small.


HST rocks. In the first 4 weeks I gained 8lbs (with androsol). unfortunately I was squatting and deadlifting every training, and screwed my lower back - too much volume for that bodypart. I would thoroughly recommend HST, but be careful of inadvertantly doubling up on bodyparts by selecting compound exercises that stress similar areas of the body - you may be setting yourself up for injury.

I guess I am doing my very own bastardized version of HST. I held to the “not to failure” aspect. I also help to the progressive load. Where I drifted is a rep structure and maintaining a set routine. In the beginning, I used a light weight and banged out as many reps in good form until form fell of markedly. As the weights climbed and I started to use heavier weights, I went to two sets heavy compound, dumping the lightweight accessory work. Instead of the negatives, I just kept climbing slowly. Eventually I eased into EDT type work, trying to get as many sets of 5 in a triad cycle in 15 minutes. two triads. Its workd wonders for me. I suggest working the concepts, and fitting in your personal touch.

I love HST. I’ve been training for 15 years and this works quite nicely. While I understand that people don’t like it, I can’t see how it doesn’t work for them. To each his own. Read the articles and go to their forum and ask questions.


Yeah, that’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it? It works sooo well for some, and absolutely sucks for others. What IS the missing ingredient…?

I am on my second week of 5’s and think it is great. No, I have not had tremendous gains but I don’t expect them after decades of training. However, I have had gains, esp. in my maxes, which is tough at my chronological and training age. I plan on doing 3 more weeks of 5’s with some negatives thrown in, take 2 weeks of SD and then start again with a slightly modified program using 15, 12, 10, 8, 5, 5, 5, 5 for weekly rep schemes in oreder to hit my rm’s more often than the standard program. From what I have learned, it takes some experimentation to find the best program for you. Most people do not see the results until their second or third cycle. The ones who quit in their first cycle tend to say it doesn’t work. I am committed to three cycles to give it a fair shake. I’ll give you a report at the end of February.

I think the missing ingredient is each persons unique muscle fiber make up. I tried it, and was not really impressed with it at all. The best gains I made on it were in the 10 rep range. I think that Someone posted in an earlier thread that HST would probably work best if you had been overtraining. I haven’t been, so I think that was why I didn’t get very good results.

I disagree about the overtraining. I wasn’t even training and it went well. Since then I’ve tried a number of programs but have come back to HST and it’s still working.

Can’t say for certain what it is. I do 2 sets of each exercise with a 1 minute rest between sets. I usually increase the weight the 2nd set but not always. What I have noticed in 1 guy who was doing it at the gym was that he did not really get his 5RM #'s right and so the end of his cycle wasn’t great. He complained also. The youngun also ate like a bird, blah, blah, blah…

I enjoy HST and recommend others to give it a try. Some do, others don’t, some like it, others don’t feel a damn thing. Beats me, why, but I know it’s worked for me and I’m sticking to it. Maybe you should post your HST questions on the HST forum and get Bryan to answer. Worth a shot.