Is anyone using HST (Hypertrophy Strength Training) - Bryan Haycocks method…??

I have myself and I believe it’s the best program I’ve done for a quite a while…


I am currently in my week of strategic deconditioning after my second cycle of HST. I love the program; full body workout have always worked best for me, and this one is better than others. We had two “HST Support Group” threads on here a while back, the search engine should reveal them. if not, I’ll bump them up for you. Glad you like the program.

I’m using it. I had to cut my first cycle short because i got sick. I gained 5 pounds in the first five weeks, but i think i could have gained more if the intensity wasn’t always so high (i didn’t have any easy workouts).

I’m now recovering from illness and after 12 days of decondicioning will start a new one.