HST: When to Do Accessory Lifts?

Hey everyone. Im doing Chris Shugarts HST program and dig the 4 days/wk format. I have a question about accessory lifts. Since the program is geared more towards compound lifting, can I throw in a set or two of accessories (for parts that don’t get sore anymore) without fear of overtraining? Example: I can’t tell y’all the last time my quads were sore after squats, although my glutes and hammys were screaming… or when my bis gotten sore after 3 sets of chins and 3 sets of curls during same workout. Im receiving a good pump all around, except for those 2 parts. But no matter what variant I try, I’m not feeling ANY soreness there and would like to know yalls input on increasing volume a little bit by adding in some accessory lifts. Thanks. Brian

General rule of thumb is beginners shouldn’t be tweaking programs.

Even if you don’t get sore, you’ll progress if you’re actually working hard. So I wouldn’t add anything. Just hammer away at the exercises you have in your program. If you do everything properly, you won’t want to add anything.

Soreness is not a indicator of quality in ones training. Are you seeing progression in the actual gym?

Aside from lats, some added shoulder definition, and glute improvement, I’m not seeing any other results in the mirror except for some fat loss. My logbook is showing great improvement though, so I’m stoked about that over the past 4 months. I should add I’m 38 yrs old, and over the past 22 years had many stints in the gym, especially during my 4 years in the service. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t recall ever getting soreness in those areas, even as a 15 year old rookie. I figured after 2 decades it was finally time to get to the bottom of it. I read an article on DOMS here and it pretty much said to add volume through decreased weight bit by bit. I also read articles here that say do not stray from the program at all. Lots of contradictory info, so I guess what I’m looking for is someone who has experienced this and tweaked their program and find out if it worked or not for them. I appreciate everyone’s input!

Soreness is such an individual thing. I could do a set of curls and wake up with DOMS in my chest and hamstrings, whereas nothing I have done in the gym has ever given me soreness in my shoulders, but my shoulders still grow so it’s not a big deal.

It is gratifying to have a bit of soreness after a workout. We all know it’s not an indicator of progress but I think deep down we all kind of believe it is…


I wouldn’t think they would hurt you. If you’re doing compound multi joint movements as your core workout I would imagine “accessory” lifts whether you’re trying to overtrain or improve would be equally as worthless.

Yogi, the last sentence in your post nailed it. Ive always felt the same about it, but have never heard anyone else openly admit it. Ima keep driving forward as the program is written. Ill get my wife to accurately measure my bis this weekend and bounce the results after the following full mesocycle and hopefully the size gains will reflect my logbook gains. Much thanks to all of you for the help and honesty.