HST Variables

I’ve doing a lot research with the Why-The-Hell-Else-Doesn’t- Anybody-Use-It search engine both for forums and t-mag.
I’ve come to the conclusion that three of the best mass gain programs are HST, EDT and OVT–why all the ‘t’? Couldn’t they find a synonmy for training?
Again, I digress: I’ve noticed that the reason most people quit HST is because it gets damn boring doing the same workout every week for nine weeks–even Mr. 12 Week Ian king didn’t prescribe the same regimens for that length of time.
Has anyone tried substituting different excerices for the same muscle group on different days? Maybe bench press on Monday and DB bench press on the other?

HST doesn’t have to be done with the same exercises every workout, you can perfectly well alternate between two different routines. Of course the basic compounds should always be in there.

The reason why you shouldn’t change up exercises to much when on HST is because you’ll waste to much time in neural adaptations and this will get in the way of your main goal (hypertrophy).

I’ll tell you what’s the real issue most people have with HST, they don’t like having their ego atrophied by using submaximal weights at the gym and rely too much on the notion that perceived effort has something to do with muscle gains, or in other words, that you have to train to failure for best or even any results.

Sergius, you might want to check out Brian Haycock’s site. There are those who have two different exercises that they alternate back and forth between for a given muscle group; say squats and deadlift or pull-ups and pull-overs. I’ve found his forum to be a great resource; lots of people there who are knowledgable about HST.

I have to tell you that I really have enjoyed HST. I’m thrilled to be doing a program that lets me lift 3 days a week, get in and out of the gym in a reasonable period of time, heal some nagging injuries . . . AND see visual, measurable gains for my efforts?!? I don’t find that boring at all. (grin)

Like TT, I think HST is a great program. I especially like it as a buffer between strength programs. I do like to alternate the exercises, though.

TMS- Training for Maximal Size

At least it’s not at the end.