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HST TRAINING/Haycock Questions

Ok, I have been reading the articles by Mr. Haycock concerning HST training. However, I would like to hear from those that have tried it. Please try to explain why you felt that it worked/did not work for you. I just do not understand how someone can gain muscle mass and as a by-product strength by using weights that go as low as one’s 50% 10-rep max. I understand that the weight gradually increases and eventually works up to one’s pre-determined 10 rep max but I have trained with this sort of scheme before and I never fully feel like I have even REMOTELY done much work once the workout is over. For example, in Bryan’s article where he outlines the program, he uses an example of a 235lbX10rep max in the squat. Well, based on this our trainee will do working sets of 2X10 with 135lbs. This would be a walk in the park, all up until maybe the 5th or last workout of the 2-week block where effort would begin to come into play. Have I understood the program correctly, or am I missing something? I would just like some sort of explanation or personal opinions as to why this sort of scheme works for muscle hypertrophy and sometimes even strengh gains. Is it the frequency of working each bodypart 3 times per week? If so, then why wouldn’t something like German Body Comp or TC’s version of it work?

Two thoughts:

one, all the theoretical debate in the world won’t make it work for you. Just TRY it and SEE what happens :slight_smile:

two, nowhere does Mr. Haycock suggest that no other routines work, or that GBC training or whatever can’t produce good results for you. He’s simply presenting a style of training based on sound principles, and he’s saying ‘try it out!’

Read the 3-part article that goes along with his workout program, and you’ll understand a lot more. He answers a lot of these questions there.