HST suport group 2.0

As the other one desapeared into the archives let’s start a new one.
Anyone still doing HST?

I finished my second week today (12’s). Gained another 2 pounds so i’m up 6-7 pounds since i started HST.

I abandoned the 6Xweek split routine as i was feeling i was very close to overtrain, so i’m going back to the regular 3Xweek full body workout.

Yeah, just finished my week of 8’s. All going well so far, looking forward to heavier weights next week. Some obvious increases in strenght, doing the three full body workouts per week is very efffective. Even if things go drastically wrong, I can always get my core excerises in.

I going to stay on heavy weights low reps for the next four weeks, before taking the deconditioning week/10 days and then starting back at 15.

Question for anyone doing weighted dips, can this damage your shoulder joints if the weight is too much? I was making dips the mainstay of my chest regime for 15 to 10, did one for 8, followed with incline bench press. But I’m not to keen to do so for 5’s, going on the incline and flat bench press.

Still doing HST and loving it. Finished my mag 10 cycle at 194 pounds.

I finished my 5s yesterday, and I'm feeling really strong. I'm trying to shed some of this aquired fat (not that much, maybe 6 pounds...which means I gained about 18 pounds of lean mass). I still have half a bottle of Mag-10, a full bottle of methoxy-7, and MD6.

I was thinking of dieting Fat Fast style for the next two weeks, since negative training is great for holding onto muscle, or so I've heard.

Any suggestion on supplements? I want to hold onto ALL my mass, so I was thinking Androsol over Mag-10, as I know it's probably time for a break. Is it okay to go right to Androsol? Between that, the methoxy-7, and the mass sparing effects of ephedra, I think it's feasible...thoughts, comments?

You used the MAG-10 in the 10’s? Or in the 5’s? I’m doing a MAg-10 cycle and am probably starting it on the 10’s finishing it on 8’s. Bryan said in the HSt forum that it wouldn’t be a good idea to bump the weight’s while on and then decreasing them when you go off. He sugested you do more reps and keep the weights as planed. What did you do?

Could someone tell me where to find info on this HST training? I can’t find anything on it on this website. Could someone point me in the right direction? I’m very interested. Oh, what does HST stand for?

You can find info at www.hypertrophy-specific.com

I’m just starting my second week of the 10’s right now. The best thing about this program so far is that I’m pumped all the time. Most programs where you do one bodypart per week, I find you lose the pump effect after a day or so. I have not jumped on the scales, but I feel bigger and slimmer (maybe better GH release on this program - at least during the 15’s and 10’s?).

restless, I started mag-10 in the middle of my last week of tens (on wednesday) and took it until the last week of my fives.

As Bryan recommended, I didn't increase the weight, just the reps. Basically, my fives became 6s, 7s, and 8s. I didn't push to failure until the last workout of fives, but the entire second week, I was working close to it.

Wasn't taking Mag-10 during the last workout of my fives, but I was still able to beat my predetermined bench max by 15 lbs - for six reps.

I would suggest taking it during your last week of 8s and first of 5s, if not later. Remember, the program is designed in such a way the 15s, 10s, and in your care 12s and maybe 8s are designed to strengthen tendons and connective tissue, and that any corresponding strength and/or size gains--while they usually occur--are more of a side effect of the training [in that rep scheme] than it's intended purpose.

Poman, the original information of HST (which stands for Hypertrophy Specific Training, to answer that question) can be found at www.thinkmuscle.com and the latest stuff on the new www.hypertrophy-specific.com Hope this helps.

I too am an HSTer. More than anything, I have noticed massive gains in my legs over anything. Also, there is additional size in my chest…or at least it looks that way in the mirror. I really like HST cause I don’t rest between sets for more than 30 seconds. I feel really great after a workout like that. But, can anyone tell my why it is that after I’m done an HST workout I feel like I’m on drugs or something. My brain is just like, chilling there and I feel REALLY calm. it could have something to do with the fact I take about 400mg caffiene and 40mg effedrine 30 mins before the workout. I dont know, what say you T-bro’s?