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HST Results???

Hey Everyone,
I’m just curious as to what kind of results people had with HST Training?? I am kinda interested in giving it a go for a few weeks, but I wanted to see what people thought about it before I started it. Soooo…what kind of results did you get? I’m out

The overall feedback is that it works great if you know what you’re doing going into the program.

check the threads, there are a lot of HST threads.

works great when you thoroughly understand the program & you follow it to the letter.

meaning, find your 5,10 & 15rm’s & then take 2 weeks of sd & then set up your program with the appropriate 5% increments.

deviation from the fundamentals (like SD) will doom your results.

remember this is a hypertrophy program, meaning muscle building, so you must eat enough to grow. less than 1gram of protien per lb of weight & 500cals above maintenance will also short circut the program.

good luck!

Used this program awhile back and had good results.

HST works but:

The program must be followed precisely the way it is set up. If you deviate, your progress will be significantly stunted.