HST...figuring out rep maxes?

Hello Everyone,
I am just about done with phase II of OVT (if you havnt tried it…you are missing out!!). Anyways, I going to do HST afterwards and I was wondering how everyone figured out thier 15, 10, and 5 rep ranges?? Did you just find your 15 rep max and “guesstimate” your 10 and 5 rep maxes? Did you figure out your 10 rep max and “guesstimate” the others?? Or did you HAVE to find out each specific max for each range? Just wonderin, cause I figured it would take FOREVER to figure out 15, 10, AND 5 rep maxes for each lift. But if thats what I gotta do, than thats what I gots to do! Thanks…Tony G

bump…anyone? anyone at all?..haha


At first I stressed on this too …

The recommend way is to take a week find your 15 max on Mon,
10 max Wed, 5 on Fri then start SD.

Another way is to just “get close”
After a few cycles it comes down to “progressive load” it doesn’t matter
if you get 8 or 10 reps as long as you’re progressive adding weight.

Check at the FAQ on Bryan’s site.

I have found that finding rep maxes is absolutely unnecessary. I guessed on each. Performed every set to a point of form breakdown, never failure, use the ease of performance as a guage, ramp up next workout in a small increment. move up every workout. On exercises where the smallest increment will have you topped out at 5 reps, so what!!, back off on the weight about 3 or four increments and try again. I have found that with this approach with to runs at a “max”, backing off proved to allow me to do more reps at the weight than I was able to do previously. This training is complimenting my H.I.I.T. nicely.

thats makes sense! 15 on monday, 10 on wednesday, and 5 on friday!

JP…so you dont recommend taking a week to figure out each rep range? It seems like a waste of time.

The best way to figuring out your 15, 10, 5 rep maxes is to find your 1 rep max first and if you have a NSCA weight chart line your 1 rm’s according to your weight and find your 15 rep, 10 rep, 5 rep ect… Its in the CSCS training manunal… And its pretty acurate also… I know there’s a formula to get your 15 reps out of your 1 RM also but I don’t know it off the top of my head I just go by the NSCA chart its easier…

You can use this to find your one rep max then work back ward to guesstimate than check your 15 rep, 10 rep and 5 rep maxes

You should test your RMs for each rep-range on a different day; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as suggested. Then a week of SD, then begin the program.

Soco, I do not recommend trying to calcuate maxes for HST by working backwards from your 1RM, or even your 5RM for that matter.

If you normally train in a very low rep range, your 1RM or 5RM will not accurately translate to what your 15RM actually is, because of endurance levels, and a host of other factors.

For the purposes of getting to most out of the program as possible, you should individually test each.