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HST Exercises?

Hey Everyone,
I am starting HST this week and I was wondering if anyone had some input. Did most of you do one or two exercises per muscle group? Example…for chest…should I just do bench press for two sets or could I do bench press with incline DB press for 2 sets each. I am planning on doing 2 exercises per muscle group for 2 sets each…BUT, I am thinking that that might be too much in terms of volume! Although, I just finished BOTH phases of OVT and even if I do peform 2 exercises for 2 sets…it is only half of what I was doing before. Thanks…Tony G

It sounds like a bit too much volume. For my third HST cycle I am doing the following:

1 Incline DB Bench Press
2 Weighted Dips
2 Pull Ups
1 Chin Up
1 DB Shoulder Press
1 Lateral Raise
2 Shrugs
1 Triceps Pushdown
1 Hammer Curl
1 Box Squat
1 Leg Press
1 Leg Curl
1 Calf Raise
1 Ab Exercise

I split it in two sections so that I work Chest, Back and Arms in the morning and finish the rest late afternoon. Each workout takes about 25 minutes. I workout 3 days per week. The above workout is 3 sets more than the 14 total set workouts I have done in the past. So far, my body is handling it well.

Good luck.


after OVT you will probs need about 2 weeks SD then you could get away with a slightly reduced volume but don;t forget that it all builds up over the week, so you could probs do the same volume with just more exercises (eg chins, pullups, row).

for HST i’ve always stuck with the basics, and my routine at the mo is

decline bench
leg curl
partial press
overhead shrug
t bar row

all these are done for 2 WU set and 1 work set, the volume isn’t that high but the results have been so far for 4 months work!

so i guess the take home message is that you will nedd to “soften up” by SD’ing first and then volume shouldn’t be too much of a probs