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HST: AM and PM Split?

I have a little more than 30 minutes that I must workout at school, and was wondering how I could divide HST into two seperate workouts. One for at school, and the rest I could finish at home. Suggestions?



I know this isn’t the exact answer you were looking for, but when I had to work out during school, I would usually do HIIT and/or abs because 30 (in my case, 40) minutes wasn’t enough to lift in.

If you can do this, I suggest this. If not, listen to other people’s suggestions. I am not familiar with HST, sorry.

Yeah, I thought of doing that, but I am bulking, and I dont want to do cardio on the same days that I lift. Anyone else have any ideas?

I typically split my HST workouts into AM/PM. I do upper body in the AM and lower body in the PM. You can also split it up into push/pull.

Thanks Roids, that helped alot!

what about hittin’ a gym after school ??

do you have any weights at home ?


Yeah, right now all I have is a weight bench, with dumbells and and E-Z bar curl. I plan on getting a power rack soon (my B-Day is in April)