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Hey eveybody. So before anyone comes out and says the currently Christian Thibaudeau does not recommend the HSS-100 system, I must state that whether the coach likes it or does not like it CURRENTLY matters little, if it's an overall effective program.

That being said, I'm on the lower-intermediate side of the training spectrum. Have trained full body and 5/3/1 before, and did splits but could not produce any gains from them. Now, I want a bodybuilding-centric approach to training and I believe Thibaudeau is the coach to trust when it comes to building muscle.

I'm currently 16, can deadlift 300, squat 275x3 and can bench a lousy 176x4 at a bodyweight of 176. I was thinking of giving the HSS-100 system a try since I do not have the time to do more than 4 times (AT MAX 5 times) (That is EXCLUDING neural charge if it's recommended on HSS-100 as well) a week. I can not do the HP Mass program, since I cannot be in the gym for 2+ hours each training day, although I CAN do IBB (if that's even recommended on my level) and it's possible yet unlikely to use the star complexes. No I can't get the ANACONDA since I live in Turkey and my diet is currently hypocaloric (currently cutting) but if I do the switch I will start eating to bulk.

Wheh, what a long post. Thanks for those who managed to read it and reply! Thanks


So, you have trained for the last three years?

Just so we understand here, you have Program ADD. You keep jumping around and blame the program. You can't produce any gains if you don't eat properly, work out consistently and have adequate rest.

All programs mentioned will get you where you want to go, but you must be consistent and do it for a minimum of 6 months. Heck, years is better.

This game is measured in years.

Get some focus and learn patience. You want to do HSS-100? Go nuts. Just do that for at least 6 months before you come back and say it "didn't work for you".


Remember, this program is a minimum of 16 weeks.