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HSS-100 vs HST for Hypertrophy


I’ve never done a hypertrophy routine, i have always done fullbody 3 times a day, now i’m doing texas methos and im porgressing like never before. After i stall i want to start a hypertrophy program just to try a different trainig system, i have never done a body part split, i wonder wich one would work betterm the HSS-100 or HST, although i’m very curious of how the very known body part split work. Any experience or recomendation?



Do Thibs ‘Complete power look’ program, -will pack on the mass.

If really want a pure split look up the Kingbeef thread


i will check it out thanks, i was thinking about PHAT too, i find layne norton very inresting


For what its worth… HST is a 3 day a week full-body program, nothing like a one-body-part-a-day split


Don’t go for a program (even one of mine) because you find the author interesting and like what he says. Evaluate your goal and your capacities and select what fits your needs and natural preferences.

For what it’s worth I’ve tried HST (By Bryan Haycock) many years ago, probably when it first came out and didn’t really like it. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work, it just didn’t fit my own psychological profile.


Thanks for the reply coach really appreciate it. So my main goal is size, Ive never focus on hypertrophy just strength and fullbody. I also think it's good to have experience with different training systems (fullbody, splits), i wanna be coach so i don't only need to base my knowledge in was written and what T Nation says, but also what i have experience and what has given me the best results to the goal i have. Now im more intresting on gainig some size, specially my chest, my bench press went up a lot put seems that I just put size in the triceps. So im thinking on doing HSS-100 chest specialization., then a back spec, chest spec, shoulder spec. and then start with the normal HSS-100. Or that may be a little crazy idk.