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HSS-100 Variation


Hey Christian let me strat off by saying your contrubutions to programing are astounding and your reputation proves it.

I've just read your HSS-100 program & have a few questions on customizing it. I am a devoted (by devoted I mean I NEVER miss a workout day) natural bodybuilder w/ 6 years experiance. I recently hurt myself & messed up my ACL (along w/ other things...) and cannot work lower body for about 6 months. Since I'm not working my lower body I figured it would be a good oppertunity to bring up lagging body parts. Which are proportionately my chest, shoulders and biceps. I've read your Back, Shoulder & Chest specialization articles but you say to stick to specialization for no more then 4 weeks.

However since i'm not working my lower body I figured I could customize HSS-100 to have less volume then your specialization programs but still more then your original program (for chest, shoulders & bi's). Do you have any advice on setting up this kind of variation?


You could do...

DAY 1. Chest and shoulders
DAY 2. Back and Biceps
DAY 4. Chest and triceps
DAY 5. Biceps and forearms
DAY 6. Shoulders and traps

Don't use a HSS set-up...

Day 1 chest is heavy lifting, shoulders are isolation work
Day 2 back is a regular workout, biceps are isolation/volume work
Day 4 chest is isolation, triceps is normal workout
Day 5. Biceps are heavy lifting
Day 6. Shoulders are heavy lifting


Thanks coach. How's this-
Incline BB Bench Press 4x6
Decline Bench press 5x5
Seated Lateral DB raise 5x12
Bent-over lateral raise 5x12
Weighted Russian twists 5x15
Seated BB twists 4x50
BB Row 4x6
Cable row (pull towards neck & w/ shoulders)3x12ï? pull-ups 3x10(switch to triple set & postâ??fatigue)
Spider Row (backwards on incline bench/low cables) 3x10
Spider curls 4x10
Zottmann curls 4x10
Iso hold db curls 4x10
Cable scapular rotation 1x100
Wednesday: OFF
Cable crossover 4x12
Pec deck 4x12
JM press Work up to 4x6
Neutral grip DB skull crusher 3x12ï? Close-grip BB 3x10
Rotating Triceps Extension 3x10
Dip machine 1x100
Close-grip supinated pull-ups 4x6
Reverse curls 5x5
Stability ball rope oblique crunches 5x15
Wood choppers 4x25
Military press 4x6
Arnold press 5x5
Machine shrugs 5x5
Dumbbell Overhead Shrugs 3x12